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3 Counties Report Long Sutton v Cannington A – 11.7.15

3 Counties Report Long Sutton v Cannington A – 11.7.15

I started the day with a crick in my neck on Sunday when I passed one of Cannington’s players in the corridor with his head grazing the ceiling, ducking to go into the coffee lounge!  That’s one way to intimidate the ‘not quite 5 foot captain’!  Imagine…on the 2nd from the whites he could be looking over the top of the hill.  It’s very uphill for me from the reds!

Thank you very much to Long Sutton.  We were not intimidated.  The result was 4 and a half and a half, giving us 17 points in total and John Jeanes and I halved the Joe Harring match.  Well done everyone…Steve Stopforth and Haydn…under pressure, they won the last two holes to halve their match, Lesley and Martin Hawkins…thank you for playing for us for the first time…Angela and Dave, Tim and Ann McRae, Sean and Sandra.

Our last 3 matches are all Home, Saturday, 1st August v Wheathill B, Saturday, 5th September v Yeovil and Saturday, 19th September v Wincanton.  Please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would like to play.  Thanks.


Created: 15-Jul-15 12:43

3 Counties Report – Away Win v Wheathill B. Saturday, 23rd May

3 Counties Report – Away v Wheathill B.  Saturday, 23rdMay.

Summer arrived on Saturday!  A beautiful day and for a change the golf matched the weather.  Wheathill made us very welcome but could not match us for points on the day.  Thank you to all the team…Luke and Adrian Nutland, Steve Stopforth and John English, (thank you for stepping in at the last minute!), Nigel Brighouse and John Jeanes, Angela and Dave Baker, Tim and myself and Sean and Sandra Basford.   Three wins, one half and one loss…16 points to Long Sutton and 4 to Wheathill as well as the winning points towards the Joe Harring Trophy.

Our next match will be on Sunday, 12th July at Home v Cannington A.  First tee 1.00.  Please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would be interested in playing.


Created: 27-May-15 09:48

Report 3 Counties v Yeovil 9th May, 2015

Report 3 Counties v Yeovil 9th May, 2015

Well done again Long Sutton.  We came away from the Newton Course today with 14 points versus Yeovil’s 5.  We had two halved matches and two wins, so gaining the 2 points for the win overall and won the Joe Harring pairing as well.  It was not a balanced pairing though as they could not muster enough players, so Dave Hollex had to play on his own against Rupert and myself.  The team consisted of Henry and Angela Baker, Adrian and Luke Nutland, Tim Edwards and Ann McRae, Sean and Sandra and Pat and John Whitehead.  Ray was dropped...not because of the stove! more ‘rested’ because of a sore shoulder.

Our next match is on Saturday, 23rd May Away to Wheathill B.  First tee 11.00.  Please sign the sheet if you would be interested in playing.


Created: 14-May-15 21:30

3 Counties League Report Away at Cannington 18.4.15

3 Counties League Report Away at Cannington 18.4.15

It is never a good sign when my report is late. I was so full of hope for mega points from our first match but it was not to be. The games were good and we enjoyed the golf but we did not cross the finishing line first. Early on, the omens looked good, (bright sunshine, though a fierce wind), but then I took the wrong road in Bridgwater. No, I was not lost, just adrift, so a fine in Cannington’s Fine a Friend box for being late with the team sheet.

Team result…Dave and Angela brought in our only win for the team…4 points. Cannington four wins…14 points. Ray and I played for the Joe Harring Trophy. We did win in the end on the 18th when Ray’s ball finally forgot any affiliation with Wales: for the first three holes it was determined to find its celtic friends!

Thank you to all the team for such valiant efforts – Rod Tucker and Sylvie, Jonny Tulk and Sandra Ford, Tim Edwards and Carole Paterson, Dave Baker and Angela, Nigel Brighouse and Sandra Basford and Ray and myself.

Our next match is Away at Wincanton on Saturday, 2nd May. First tee 11.00. Please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would like to be included.



Created: 29-Apr-15 13:23

3 Counties Winter Salva - Final round at Long Sutton 22.3.15

3 Counties Winter Salva - Final round at Long Sutton 22.3.15

We could not have asked for a better day to end the Winter Salva. As we teed off the wind dropped and the sun came out. No hailstone covered greens today. The course was set up beautifully but listening to the talk in the bar afterwards, the teams generally found it hard to cope with the greens. All appreciated their condition but those pin positions! If you were not below the hole, you were in trouble. You had to be dead accurate or the ball would slink past, gather speed and end up miles away at the bottom of the green, however softly you sent it on its way! Scores across the board were down. It really made you appreciate every point you entered on your card! We came in first on the day with 274, Folke second, 267, Wincanton third, 262 and Cannington last with 252. Our team did well in that we moved overall from last to second, beating Wincanton by one point, but we could not catch Folke who finished 18 points ahead of everyone. Their round on their own course, where they scored 43 more points than ourselves and 26 points more than Wincanton in second place, did for us all. This is the third successive year that Folke have won, which is probably why they did not remember to bring the Trophy with them!

Big thanks to all Long Sutton who played in the four rounds but special thanks to the team on the day – Steve Stopforth, Sam Clarke, Nigel Brighouse, Judith Fox, Sandra Ford, Sean Monaghan, Sandra Basford, Henry, Rupert, Ray, Tim Edwards and myself.



Round 1

At Cannington


Round 2

At Wincanton


Round 3

At Folke


Round 4

At Long Sutton






299 (599)

286 (885)







316 (585)

Best score on day

Brian White

40 points

303 (888)







320 (573)

329 (902)

Best score on day

Dave Sobczyk ‘Subbie’ 41 points




Long Sutton


Best score on day

Tim Edwards

42 points

290 (589)

288 (877)


Best score on day

Gill Edwards

36 points




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