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Congratulations to Gill & her team - winners of 3 Counties Winter Knockout

3 Counties Winter Knockout Final 8.3.15

Long Sutton and Cannington B made it through to the Final of the Winter Knockout.  A prize in itself.  The two teams met today on the Newton Course  and from their  elevated white winter tee position, battle commenced!  And it was quite a battle.  One of the Cannington pairs came up against Sandra Basford and Sean and found they had to give Sandra 8 shots…that match was decided on the 17th in Cannington’s favour.  Steve Stopforth and Henry were each giving 10 shots…too many in the end with steady Cannington players.  Other pairings had hardly anything in it and that is where Long Sutton came good, tussling it out and winning the vital 3 out of 5 matches and the Winter KnockoutTrophy for the first time. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed through the winter to make this possible.  Sorry we could not use Ray and the Mcraes in this last match…Ray came a cropper with the chainsaw and Mike fell off a roof!  Thank you to Richard Bastin for filling the void.  Hopefully both will be fit to play in the last round of the Winter Salva, at Long Sutton, on Sunday, 22nd March.  Please see the sign up sheet in the corridor.  We need a team of 12 that day…our task…to reduce the 10 points between ourselves and first place!

Today’s team were Richard Bastin and Timothy Edwards, Sarah and Steve Uzzell, Sean Monaghan and Sandra Basford, Steve Stopforth and Henry Edwards, Nigel Brighouse and myself. Previous rounds had included Steve Cousins, Tyler, Rupert and Sam Clarke.  Thank you one and all!


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3 Counties – Winter Salva – Folke, 21st February, 2015

3 Counties – Winter Salva – Folke, 21st February, 2015

Thank you to all the team for playing at Folke, on a freezing cold day, with the occasional hail storm thrown in. Unfortunately, our round was not as good as Folke’s: from lying second, 10 points behind the leaders Cannington, we are now lying fourth, 25 points behind the new leaders Folke. Folke scored a massive 329 points on the day. We had the third best score…288. ‘Subbie’ of Folke wins the Best Score on the Day Prize…41 points.

Our team were Frank Penny, Nick Dennis, John Paterson, Nigel Brighouse, Mike and Ann McRae, Sean Monaghan, Judith Fox, Tim and Ray Edwards, Sandra Basford and myself.

We have the last leg of the Salva at Long Sutton on Sunday, 22nd March. Has anyone got that miracle feeling coming on, when balls fly further down the fairway and putts sink? Please sign the sheet in the corridor and let’s see how much we can shave off the lead.




Round 1



Round 2



Round 3



Round 4

Long Sutton





















Long Sutton






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3 Counties – Winter Salva at Wincanton. 17.1.15

3 Counties – Winter Salva at Wincanton. 17.1.15

Another bitterly cold day at Wincanton but the sun did shine and the wintery shower was short-lived. There was still ice on the puddles at the end of the round, showing just how cold the day had been. The temperature didn’t keep the banter down. Cannington’s team read like a pantomime cast, with ‘Simple’ Simon and Kinky Vicar etc. and Geoff Rooke added a giant handwarmer glove to his usual colourful attire…a puppet of Garfield, “with attitude”. Post the match, with a few beers sunk, the dares got wilder. There was talk of Simon arriving in stockings for their match against Wincanton in March, if the shop assistant would wear a mini skirt. “I prefer holdups”, said Simon. In the end I think he agreed to a leg wax!

Well done again Long Sutton. A good try but unfortunately we were last on the day and have now slipped to third overall. On the day, Folke excelled scoring 320, four points ahead of the home Wincanton team, 316. Cannington had 299 and we were bottom with 292.

Total aggregate scores now read -

Cannington 599

Wincanton 585

Long Sutton 582

Folke 573.

The third of the four rounds will be at Folke on Saturday, 21st February. Please add your names to the sign up sheet in the corridor if you would like to play.


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Report - 3 Counties Winter Knockout win v Wincanton

3 Counties Winter Knockout v Wincanton 11.10.15


Long Sutton and Wincanton met at Cannington to play their semi-final of the Winter Knockout. The weather was kind…no rain! and the food hit the spot. For those forgetting New Year Resolutions, bacon baps and full English before the match and anything with chips after. One glitch… winter mats…the ladies had to play from the same temporary tee position as the men and often off the flat. It was decided the ladies would be allowed the maximum adjustment shots, as if the men were playing off the yellow tees, to help compensate for this. Parts of the course were affected by the recent heavy rain but the greens were good as ever. Long Sutton have had the foresight to train for just such squidy scenarios. Water off a duck’s back to us! Maxine threatened to send her trolley to Pete, their absent Captain, for cleaning.

Henry and Steve Stopforth, both off 5, had a closely matched pair, 7 and 9. Wincanton’s Maxine said they would be chuffed to be receiving shots as they usually had to give them! Well done Henry and Steve…a win on 16. Sarah and Steve, our second pair, didn’t fare so well in their draw, Wincanton on fire, so all square. The third pairing threw up a quirky match. With no set order of play in the Winter Knockout, Ann McRae (27, 32 with adjustments) and Mike, (16) came up against Wincanton’s low middle pairing…Jack ( 6) and Frank (9). Off Jack, Frank had 2 shots, Mike 8 and Ann 20. Quite a shock all round but the handicapping system worked. At the end of a tight match, Ann and Mike brought in a vital win. Ray and I , 5th pair, lost on 16 and came up behind our 4th pair, Sandra Basford and Sean, who had just gone one down on 17. Sandra had been suffering from cramp in both calves throughout the match, and said she could hardly play, but on 18, with a shot, she looked amazed as she sank a long putt to win the hole…to halve their game…and as we found, to halve the match overall…so on up 19. Sean matched Phil shot for shot, onto the green in 2, with Sandra supporting, chipping on to the green with her wood. Sean practised his putt. That’s going to be too hard I thought. Adrenalin?…shows why I miss putts! It was perfect weight, finishing inches past the hole! A gimme. Down in 4…and with a shot. Phil, without a shot, had to sink a similar putt for 3 but didn’t, so WELL DONE Sean and Sandra. A WIN TO LONG SUTTON. Thank you so much the whole team. What a day. I feel drained now. Now we wait to see who we play in the Final, Wheathill B or Cannington A, before the end of March. Meanwhile, on we go. Next Saturday, 17th January, we play the Wincanton leg of the Winter Salva. Look for the sign up sheet in the corridor.



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Winter Salva at Cannington – Sunday, 30th November, 2014

Winter Salva at Cannington – Sunday, 30th November, 2014

Simon Alderwick, Cannington’s Captain, shouted “Clear the balcony!” as he took the first tee on Saturday at the start of the first round of the Winter Salva, but he did himself down. His ball flew straight up the fairway and his team won the day with 300 points. Wincanton had 269, Folke 253 and we were happy, second with 296, but a recount later showed even the calculator can get it wrong when humans are involved and we actually had 299…no thanks to my score. Second by one point. Well done team and well done Tim. Best card on the day…42 points! (Handicap Sec. notified.) Thank you to Carole and John Paterson, Sandra Ford (even though injured!), Sandra Basford, Sean Monaghan, Nigel Brighouse, Angela and Dave Baker, Henry (dragged out of bed at the last minute), Ray, Tim and myself.

The next round will be at Wincanton on 17th January. Please sign up for some fun.



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