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3 Counties Winter Knockout – Sat. 8th Nov. 2014

Shades of this time last year and our first Winter Knockout…this time, Long Sutton due to play Charminster at Wheathill, Saturday, 8th November, and what was the forecast? Gales and prolonged rain…again! We all met for the first tee of 11.00, but there was disquiet in the ranks. Getting my gear ready, I found more and more people sheltering in Wheathill’s porch. They looked like unhappy crows, hunched up in wet weather gear, staring out at the dark sky. As they rocked from one foot to another the murmuring grew and finally chrystalised into a barked “We must be mad! We can’t play in this!!”. The Captains enquired of the Office. Yes, we could postpone until the next day when better weather was forecast, but nothing is simple. One Charminster man would be in Spain by then, people had plans, it was Remembrance Day, etc. Thankfully, the Yeovilton forecast was spot on…a brightness started to appear and the majority decision was to carry on…bunkers declared out of play!

The difficult start was an omen for the day! With yellow and red tees placed together on almost all holes and with the ground so soggy, the ladies found it hard to compete. I was playing last pair with Nigel. We had a really tight game and were all square after 17. I couldn’t believe my eyes on 18 as I saw people gathering behind 18, drinks in hand as well… hardly fair! No one would tell us how the score stood. We had no idea whether our game was needed or not…We halved 18. ‘Now you have to play on! It’s 2 and 2.’ It took us a long time to conclude the match. We played 1 and 18 over and over and the sun sank lower and lower. One minute it looked as though we must sink the 3 foot putt, only to miss and halve again, then Charminster’s turn to miss a 2 footer and halved again. After 22 holes, Nigel finally sank our winning putt. Thank you Nigel and thank you to all the Long Sutton team…Steve Stopforth and Ray, Sam and Tim, Sarah and Steve Uzzell and Ann and Mike McRae and thank you to Charminster for turning a difficult day into a fun one. You could hear laughter all round the course, despite the conditions.

Our second round will be against the winners of the match at Long Sutton on Sunday, 30th November, between Bullpits and Yeovil.

Winter Salva – Sat. 30th Nov. at Cannington

Sunday, 30th November is also the day we will play the first round of the Winter Salva at Cannington. The Salva is a spin off from the 3 Counties League…ourselves, Folke, Charminster and Cannington play a round on each course, winter weather permitting. Teams of 12, out in fours…one player from each club…playing ind. stableford, full hcp, with the best 10 scores making up the team score for that round. The winner is the club with the highest number of stableford points after 4 rounds.

Please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would be interested in playing. All good fun and all welcome!



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3 Counties League – Freeman Trophy Day

The first of the 120 players in the Freeman Trophy Day arrived to tee off at 7.56, full of anticipation, only to find thick fog…a blue sky temptingly overhead, but barely the end of the path in sight.  Forty minutes later the sun burst through, the smiles got broader, the clothes were brighter still and the day was off!

The whole day was a big success and thanks go to many.  Tommy, thank you for making sense of our fluid start sheet.  George, Roger and all the support staff, thank you for looking after us, from the bacon baps at the crack of dawn to the amazing evening meal.  Thank you to Jonny and all the green keepers and helpers.  Your hard work clearing the course and preparing everything so well certainly counted.  It says a lot that even with a field of that size and a fog delay, the pace of play was steady, three teams were able to dovetail in off 16 and the evening proceedings still ran to time.  Your greens were admired by all!  Thank you to Amie Stamp, Sylvie Coache-Tucker and Carol and John Searl for running the putting competition and thank you to those who took part.  In all 7 people progressively sank the longest putt.  The winner was eventually Matt Styles from Bullpits.  Darren Marshall, Cannington B, had 2nd prize.  The Lady Captain’s charity, Parkinsons Uk, benefited to the sum of £58 and £58 was used for the prize money.  Thank you Andrew for all your hard work and of course, thank you to Graham and Felicity.  Thank you for your time and attention to detail, making sure the day runs as smoothly as possible and brings pleasure to as many people as possible. Those were all things we could govern.  The weather we couldn’t, but after the fog had cleared, the sun shone, the hailstones and thunder passed us by…and visited Somerton instead! 

At the end of the day, Long Sutton were awarded the Freeman Trophy - 258 pts.  Yeovil were Runners Up - 253, Wincanton - 251, Wheathill B - 236, Bullpits - 230, Charminster - 225, Folke - 221, Cannington A - 204, Cannington B - 203, Wheathill A - 200.

In the individual prizes Long Sutton did well…The Best Man on the Day and Best in Long Sutton Team was Sam Clarke - 40 pts.  He and Nigel Brighouse won the Presidents Cup, with combined 70 pts. 

In the awards for the 2014 Trophies Long Sutton were Runners Up Div. 1,  finishing second behind Wincanton and winners of the Joe Harring Trophy (Div. 1.)

The draw for the Winter Knockout was made in true FA style.  Long Sutton will play Charminster on a neutral course before the end of November.  The second round, if we get through, will be played by the end of December…this year, as one wag said!  That was the end of the official proceedings and a signal for the champagne corks to start popping!

Look out for the sign up sheet in the corridor.  We will be looking for a team of 10…5 pairs to play matchplay.  Any combination of men, ladies and juniors, so…Everyone Welcome!


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Congratulations to 3CL team for winning the Joe Harring Trophy
























WINCANTON 14 8 8 8 17 16 14 10 95 winners


8 6 11 8 17 13 8 14


runner up

CANNINGTON A 15 4 11 11 4 4 14 4 67  
CHARMINSTER 2 11 12 14 15 0 4 4 62 relegated
FOLKE 11 6 2 0 14 6 4 14 57 relegated


WIN MARGIN             POINTS  


0 0 0 2 2 2 5 5


FOLKE 4 8 2 0 0 0 0 4 8  
CHARMINSTER 0 1 4 7 0 0 2 0 8  
WINCANTON 0 0 2 draw 1 draw 6 0 8  
CANNINGTON A 7 0 0 draw draw 0 4 0 6  
YEOVIL 15 12 8 0 20 11 14 15 95 winner
WHEATHILL B 12 14 12 11 14 1 18 2 84 runner up
CANNINGTON B 5 11 14 14 4 17 2 8 75  
WHEATHILL A 2 6 6 17 0 14 17 3 65  
BULLPITS 6 6 4 8 15 6 0 6 51  
WHEATHILL B 2 3 4 0 6 0 1 2 12  
YEOVIL 2 3 0 draw 3 2 7 0 11  
WHEATHILL A 0 7 0 draw 0 draw 3 0 6  
BULLPITS 0 0 draw 1 2 draw 0 0 6  
CANNINGTON B 0 0 6 draw 0 5 0 0 5  
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3 Counties Report Home v Charminster 13th September, 2014

I should have written this report immediately after the match. Now my head is full of our latest grandchild being born yesterday…a beautiful little girl! and it is hard to return to thoughts of golf!

So…our last match. What springs to mind? First it is Graham saying “You won’t say anything derogatory about Ray and I losing our match will you?” No, of course I won’t! I was off last, so I was there to appreciate everyone else’s nerves. Ray and Graham were out 3rd pair. No mean feat teeing off in front of a crowd, especially on our first, as one of the Charminster players found, putting 2 out of bounds. Ray and Graham were both straight off the first tee and to lose 2 and 1 means it was a good match. They were 1 down going up 16 but I was quite expecting them still to win. On another day?...who knows? Well done Steve and Sam. They closed out on the 17th, winning 2 and 1. Jonny and Sam won 3 and 2, Ann and Nigel 6 and 5, Sean and Sandra 4 and 3. A really good result. Thank you everyone. It means we finish 2nd in Div. 1 this year.

Tim and I played for the Reserve Cup. That was a hard decision. Graham threw it out there…The Captain should shoulder the responsibility. Really?!? I’m thinking the safest pair. What will Charminster do? Put out low handicappers or really good middle order? Would I get a panic call from my daughter and have to dash off the course? The Reserve Cup was the only Cup we could win. On the morning, all calm on the baby front, so Tim and I down as the Reserve Pair. Brian, no shots, Colin and I matched on 3, and Tim 4. On the tee, Brian sent one straight down the middle. Colin…hard to get airborne. Come on then Tim. But Tim into the rose bushes! I was straight. Tim recovered. I matched Brian’s 2nd shot and was up there 3rd shot. But Brian’s 3rd was a foot from the pin! “I like these greens.” he said. “That would have been off the green at Charminster.” “Well done,” I said but in my head I’m thinking “Don’t panic Mr. Mannering!” I knew from previous experience that Colin could be deadly once he sorted himself out, so I was hoping Tim would stay calm and send it straight first, then perhaps we could get an edge. We halved the 2nd. Then both Tim and Colin found form together on the 3rd. Talk about timing! Tim won. On the 4th, Tim up first…out of bounds! Brian played, (straight down the middle), and as stepped back to watch his ball said “Look at that. You have to admire it! Amazing!!…and as surprising as it is amazing!!!” But…Tim and I managed the half and overall we used our shots…ok, sometimes with the help of the trees! They were certainly on our side. Tim raised Charminster’s hopes of a recovery hole on 13, when his drive sailed into the trees on the left. But they were dashed when we found his ball had ricocheted back to the fairway and, even luckier for us, had gone forwards… to the top of the hill…and further than anyone. (Thankyou tree gods.) Tim stayed straight to the green, shot hole, and we had another hole under our belt. We finally won on 15, 5 and 3, which means Long Sutton won the Reserve Cup Div. 1.

Thank you team for a really good season. I hope you enjoy Freeman Trophy Day…Saturday, 11th October, 2014...Have fun AND bring in a good result!



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Freeman Trophy Day – Saturday, 11th October, 2014

Freeman Trophy Day – Saturday, 11th October, 2014

Looking forward to 11th October, please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would like to play in the end of season finale. Each of the 3 Counties teams sends out a team of 12, playing stableford. The best 8 cards out of 12 will form the team scores. There are plenty of prizes attached to the day…Longest Drives, Best Lady/Man etc. In the evening, the season’s trophies are presented, as well as the Freeman Trophy and prizes won during the day. The Draw is made for the Winter Knockout games and finally, we all enjoy our 2 course carvery.


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