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New Men's Committee

Captain Phil Lock

Vice Captain Mike Poole

Imm Past Captain Norman Banfield

Secretary Vacancy*

Handicap Secretary Norman Banfield

Treasurer Graham Load

5 Day Rep Frank Martin

Senior Rep Mike Bowling

Comm Member Jon Evans

Comm Member Chris Binding

Comm Member Chris Gingell

Comm Member Roy Parmiter


Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting are posted in the Members Area.

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Thank you to those of you who turned out to play in the Drive-In on Saturday and thank you to Norman for managing to accommodate 100 people in 25 teams on only 18 holes!  Everything went well with all teams in by 3 pm tucking into hot soup and a roll.  Even the weather played its part, clearing and allowing the sun to make some much needed appearances.   Thank you also to Tommy and Graham for collecting playing fees and raffle money before play and to Roger and the kitchen staff for supplying bacon rolls before play and the soup after.   Thanks go to Fran and her troops for keeping the liquid flowing after play, stopping dehydration setting in!   The Drive-In itself was a magnificent 198 yards, slightly left into the trees, but after the way I played, that was a good shot!   Thank you to Andrew for measuring the Drive after he had managed to find the ball!  The winners on the day were Chris Blackwell, Nick Blackwell, Nick Dean and Pete Tilley with a score of 57.7, well done.   The Captains Charity raised approximately £150 on the day, but please do not forget the charity bottle on the bar for those visits to the water hazards!  

Once again thank you to all the players and everybody who helped me on the day to make it a success. 

 Phil Lock

 Club Captain

Created: 15-Nov-13 16:51

Captains's Drive In Results

  Captains's Drive In   
  Saturday 9th November 2013  
  Texas Scramble  
1st N.Blackwell N.Dean C.Blackwell P.Tilley 57.7
2nd J.McGhee N.Phillips A.Potepa G.French 58.4
3rd P.Harding W.Coward H.McGuire G.Bourne 59.7
4th N.Banfield J.Price C.Binding J.Lawrence 59.9
5th T.Atkins A.Pilkington S.Oliver H.Hornet 60.1
6th B.Harding R.Butcher R.Parmiter M.Lawlor 60.9
7th N.Goodliff D.Watts C.Chick P.Burch 61.1
8th G.Edmunds A.Leitch R.Harwood M.Head 62.0
9th M.Veale N.Hewitson P.Ross G.Maxwell 62.1
10th G.Ceely A.Nutland P.Wills L.Nutland 62.1
11th A.Coward J.Brodie J.Drummond S.Southgate 63.7
12th I.Jackaman M.Lowe S.Bennett D.Bartys 63.9
13th G.load R.Load I.Brown T.Forward 64.0
14th J.Evans K.Lacey J.Odierno R.Dore 64.3
15th R.Edwards K.Purdy G.Edwards G.Baker 64.6
16th M.Gamble J.Bolton A.Stanton S.Lock 64.6
17th D.Lock J.Hardisty B.Knott J.Blackwell 65.1
18th D.Crew T.Griffin I.Clarke J.Parker 65.6
19th M.Poole J.Padfield L. Gordon Tyler C.Hardaway 65.9
20th P.Lock C.Searl S.Clarke D.Butcher 66.2
21st S.Uzzell S.Uzzell G.Clarke B.Clarke 66.6
22nd S.Cousins B.Cousins M.Scoble S.Monaghan 66.7
23rd A.Head M.Marshell V.Hayes J.Taylor 67.2
24th G.McFarlane J.Padfield F.Pengelly D.Knight 67.9
25th L.Wheatley S.Wheatley D.Horsey T.Horsey 69.7
Created: 12-Nov-13 16:51

End of Season Club Night Results and Prizes

End of Season Club Nights Results
Wednesday 9 October 2013
Hole Prize's
  1 Nearest Marker Pole Simon Higson
  2 Nearest Pin in Two Allan Pilkington
  3 Nearest Marker pole Norman Banfield
  4 Nearest Pin in Three Kev Purdy
  5 Nearest Pin in Two Bob Smith
  6 Nearest Ditch Nigel Brighouse
  7 Nearest Pin Graham Load
  8 Nearest Ditch Andy Shire
  9 Nearest Pin Sean Monaghan
  Graham Load 7th
  Andy Shire 9th
Div 1 (0 - 15)
  1st  Graham Load 23 Pts  
  2nd Chris Knight 22 Pts  
  3rd Chris Blackwell 20 Pts Bk6
Div 2 (16 - 36)
  1st  Gill Edwards 19 Pts Bk6
  2nd Sean Monaghan 19 Pts Bk3
  3rd Bob Smith 19 Pts Bk6
Best Ladies Stableford points
  Angela Baker 308  
Eclectic Scores
  1st Jack Hardisty 25.8  
  2nd Allan Pilkington 26.8  
  3rd Ash Gibson 27.0  
  4th Nigel Pugson 27.3  
  5th Tommy Atkins 27.5  
  5th Graham Load 27.5  
Club Night Stableford Points
  1st Allan Pilkington 499  
  2nd Norman Banfield 488  
  3rd Tommy Atkins 481  
  4th Ian Jackaman 475  
  5th Chris Binding 439  
  6th Ash Gibson 421  
  7th Andy Shire 415  
  8th Chris Slocombe 408  
  9th Jack Hardisty 388  
  10th Graham Load 387  
Total Club Night Points
  1st Jamie Brodie 61  
  2nd Mandy Head 55  
  3rd Phil Lock 49  
  4th Dave Baker 46 Appearance
  5th Nigel Brighouse 46  
Created: 11-Oct-13 11:07

Club Presentation Evening 2013 ~ List of Winners

Trophy Winner's
Carter Cup R/Up C.Slocombe / T.Forward
Carter Cup Winners A.Shire / S.Bennett
Mixed Pairs R/Up  J.Williams / Ros Williams
Mixed Pairs Winner  M.Head / Mandy Head
Singles K/Out R/Up  Ash Gibson
Singles K/Out Winner  L.Nutland
Summer Scratch K/O R/Up  G.Ceely
Summer Scratch K/O Winner  R.Parks
Drawn Pairs R/Up J.Hardisty / Angela Baker
Drawn Pairs Winners J.Parkinson / J.Finan
Adult/Child R/Up J.Brodie / D.Brodie
Adult/Child Winner Russell Head / Mandy Head 
 Order of Merit Div 3 Winner  S.Young 
 Order of Merit Div 2 Winner  Q.Lawrence
 Order of Merit Div 1Winner   A.Pilkington 
Eclectic Div 3 Winner  S.Young 
Eclectic Div 2 Winner   I.Jackaman 
Eclectic Div 1 Winner  N.Pettingel 
D.Mail Foursomes R/Up  D.Manning / C.Gingell 
D.Mail Foursomes Winner  D.Crew / C.Vowles 
Ken Newman R/Up  R.Stone / I.Hildred / A.Musk / I.Jackaman 
Ken Newman Winner  S.Southgate / I.Brown / J.Odierno / N.Banfield 
County Golfer R/Up  N.Gabb 
County Golfer Winner  I.Jackaman 
Kingsmoor Rose Bowl R/Up  R.Dore / C.Binding / J.Drummond / W.Coward 
Kingsmoor Rose Bowl Winners   Ash Gibson / A.Coward / J.Price / H.McGuire 
Founder Members Winner G.Load
Kingsdon Manor R/Up G.French
Kingsdon Manor Winner M.Scoble
Past Capt Shield R/Up G.Load
Past Capt Shield Winner M.McRae
T.Sainsbury Scramble R/UP  G.load / R.Load / C.Slocombe / R.Smith
T.Sainsbury Scramble Winners   Ash Gibson / A.Coward / J.Drummond / H.McGuire 
Roger Kendall Cup R/Up S.Young / N.Brighouse
Roger Kendall Cup Winner C.Binding / J.Brodie
Bronze Ladies Champion Mandy Head
Senior Ladies Champion Hilary Dennes
Ladies Champion Sheena Smith
Junior 9 Hole Winner Henry Hornett
Junior 18 Hole H/Cap Lewis Coward
Junior Scratch Runner up Sam Clarke
Junior Scratch Champion Tyler Lennox- Gordon
Mens H/Cap Shield R/Up D.Baker
Mens H/Cap Shield Winner  M.Stone
Mens Scratch Cup R/Up N.Pettingel
Mens Scratch Cup Winner P.Wills
Created: 11-Oct-13 10:55
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