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Seniors Avalon League Update

Four matches have been played over the last month.

After a disappointing away loss 4-1 to the Isle of Wedmore and a slightly better 3-2 away loss to Stockwood Vale, the team were again away to The Mendip. The team had a much better result winning 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 against a strong side.

This result meant that we had a slight lead over Stockwood Vale, our next opponents at home (our first at home). Fielding a strong team we ran out winners 4-1 (3 wins and 2 halves). This now puts us at the top of the table with 4 home matches to go.

This means that the outcome of the league position is now in our hands as opposed to this time last year, when we needed other matches to go our way.


Well done all.

Nigel Griffiths

Created: 13-Jul-17 09:50

Another fine victory for the Seniors, this time against Rushmore

After two weeks of playing golf in stifling conditions it was a relief to have a cool breeze on the course. We took full advantage of this and returned a first class result against Rushmore Seniors winning 5 matches to 1.

After Chris Hockey and I squeezed home on the last and Alec Lyon and Graham (sandals!) Brimble also won 1 up, I was a little concerned. However a fine 5 and 3 victory by Dave and Len set the scene. Martin and Richard followed up with a 5 and 4 win but top result of the day went to Mike and Colin winning their match 8 and 7.

At 5 nil up I thought that we going to achieve a resounding white wash but Phil and Chris ran into two in form Rushmore players who beat them 3 and 2.

The Rushmore team were gracious and sporting in defeat and everyone enjoyed the meal and banter after the match.

A great Team performance and a fine result. Lets hope we can repeat the result at Rushmore in August. Many thanks to everyone who played and supported our Seniors Section on the day.

Mike Bowling. (Match Captain)

Created: 12-Jul-17 01:10

The Seniors enter July with a win against Bridport, maintaining their fine form during June

On Tuesday 4th July 2017 Long Sutton Seniors played our return fixture against Bridport Golf Club.


Game 1: Captain Rod (9) and Endaf Lewis (18) take on Bridport Captain Jim Thorpe (17) and partner Alan Harvey (18) it was good to have Endaf  back in the team again. We had a great start and we were 4 up at the turn with Endaf’s magic putter rolling everything into the hole. We won our game 5&3 so well played Endaf .

Game 2: Chris Hockey (20) and Keith Lancey (19) who played Alan Bently(24) and Chris Holsworthy(21) Chris asked if  Keith could be his partner and I agreed “ never again” they lost 3&1.

Game 3: Bill Bond and Alan Webber, the "Dream Team", played a good Bridport pair and won 5 & 4.

Game 4: Ken Jacobs (20) and Peter Hill(18) played John Pitchford (21) and Angus Niccoll(17). They had a very tight game but lost 3&1 .Thank you both for playing.

Game 5: Jon Searl(16) and Chris Thayer(17), the "Captains Bankers" had a great win against a strong Bridport pair of Malcolm Peach(20) and Dave Cole(27); well played to you both.

Game 6: It was all down to the last pairing of Steve Uzzell (19) and Gordon Clamp (25) against Malcolm Noble(17) and Keith Peraux (23). This was more than just a contest of odd surnames, the match depended on the result. It was “ G Clamp” who took a firm grip on the game and Long Sutton got the half point to win the match. Sorry Gordon, but well played to you both.

Final result Long Sutton 31/2 Bridport 2 ½

Rod Tucker

Created: 12-Jul-17 01:00

Long Sutton Seniors enjoy much improved results in June with wins against Taunton & Pickeridge, Wells and Enmore! .

Following the win against Isle of Wedmore at the beginning of the month the Seniors Section saw a welcome return to form in June. Next up was Weymouth away, and having drawn the home match in May hopes were high. Unfortunately the match had to be cancelled and is now due to be played on the 8th August.

      On 13th June we welcomed Taunton & Pickeridge Seniors to Long Sutton. 

Match 1:   Douglas Hamilton 12 and Rob Hartley 12   WON   6 / 4 . Both dovetailed well to produce a good result .

Match 2:  Alex Lyon 12  and Chris Hockey 22 LOST   by 1 on the last hole . Obviously a very close match with the old story of the opposing higher handicap player having a stonking round when he just wasn't supposed to!

Match 3:  Richard  Barton 10 and John Packet 18 WON  3 / 2    A very good result...........the club is even beginning to expect it !

Match 4:  Alan Webber  12  and Len Collin 27 LOST 4 / 3 .     A perfectly normal case of.........'you can't win 'em all '

Match 5:  Jimmy Quinn 14 and Andrew Elfick 23 gained a HALF   and a very ' happy half ' at that !    A very close match all the way round , the result leaving both sides smiling .

Match 6: Jon Searl 16 and Peter Benn 18 WON   2 / 1,   a very commendable result against two ex members of our club who defected !

So Match Captain Douglas Hamilton was very happy to report     Long Sutton WON 3 1/2  against  2 1/2 .........a very good result on a perfect day for weather with the course and greens playing true ( most of the time ) and an excellent dinner to finish the event . Thank you also to our very own resident comedian.......Mr Jimmy Quinn sending everyone home with a smile . A big thank you to all who played and supported the club once again , great effort .

      On 15th June we welcomed Wells Golf Club Seniors and Captain Rod was back to lead our team.

The sun was shining and the course looked great, a perfect day for a game of golf.

Game 1: Alan Webber (13) & Len Collin (27) played a good Wells pair Nick Carter (15) & Alan Elkin(14). They had a very tight match with Long Sutton winning 2 & 1.

Game 2: The Captain’s bankers Peter Hill (18) & John Jeanes (20), fresh back from the gym their superior fitness showed, with a great win of 4 & 3. Well played both.

Game 3: Captain Rod (9) & Glyn Ottery (13) played Captain Glyn Hallet (14) & Rick Sheared (19). Captain Glyn birdied the 1st and Rick won the 2nd . Rick played fantastic golf until Rod pointed out on the 10th that he was a 19 handicapper; this had the desired effect and Rick did not feature on any more holes. We kept in the match with us dove tailing well and won by 2 holes. Well played Glyn.

Game 4: Graham Brimble (16) & Bill Bond (20) beat Mike Glee (15) & Piers Darby (21) 4 & 2

Game 5: A New Pairing Richard Bartin (10) & Rob Ford(16) had a fine win against a strong Wells pair.  Well played to you both, thanks Rob for helping out at the last minute.

Game 6: Mike Capps(11) & Peter Bell (18) played Dave Hayward (6) & Chris Strickland (20).  Sadly Peter hurt his back and had to go off at the 9th.  Mick battled on and at one point was 3 down, but only lost by one hole in the end. Well played Mick.

Glyn Ottery and Wells Captain Glyn Hallett found they had the same Christian names, this was the first time they had met anyone with the same name and spelling, GLYNWR.  Sounds like a name for “Harry Potter”.

      The final result was a WIN for Long Sutton 5 –1

      Thank you all for playing. Rod Tucker 

      On 26th June we had an away match with Kingweston, always a tricky one if you don't know the course well!  The greens and approaches there are an acquired taste, said Match Captain Roger Brassington, and by the time most of us had got accustomed to them it was too late. I would say though they are a good bunch, and apart from the result it was a good day out. The results are as follows :

Roger Brassington and Alan Deacon lost 3 and 2.

Steve Uzzell and John Rooks lost 3 and 1.

Peter Bell and Chris Hockey lost 3 and 2

Alan Webber and Bob Fill lost 5 and 4.

Simon Scarborough and Len Collin lost 3 and 2

John Jeannes and Richard Axe lost 5 and4. So overall not the best of results but happily the month ended on a high with a win over Enmore at home on 27th with  an enlarged team of 8 pairs winning 51/2 to 21/2 . Let's hope our improved form continues for the rest of the season !

Created: 09-Jul-17 19:24

The Seniors win well at home against Cricket St Thomas

On Thursday 18th May 2017 Long Sutton Seniors under the Captaincy of Rod Tucker played  Cricket St.Thomas.

 The first team out saws Rod and Mike Capps play Roger Stone and Nick Clarke. Nick played well below his handicap and we lost 3&2

 Next Alex Morrice and Alan Webber played ex green keeper Lyndsey Gage and his partner George Wallace, a strong Cricket St. Thomas pairing, and we lost again 4&2

 Game 3, Bill Campbell and Peter Bell, (the Captain’s bankers) played Keith Potter and Mick Aldridge and were comfortable winners, 3&1.

 Halfway and 2-1 down, time to bring out the big guns.

 Game 4, into the arena came the canny Scot Alec Lyon and his sidekick Peter Champness and they did the business with a great win of 5&4; well played both of you.

 Game 5, a new pairing , the 2 J’s Joe Jowett and Jon Searl had a very tough task against a good Cricket St. Thomas pair, but played well and won 4&3.

 Game 6, all we need is a half to win the match, the final pair saw Rich Bartin(10) and Len Collin (26) take on Stuart Pope (20) and John MacOmish (20) in a very tight and tense match that went to the last hole, with a win for Long Sutton.


The final score Long Sutton 4 – 2 Cricket St. Thomas.

Created: 08-Jul-17 18:03
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