3 Counties Away to Cannington A – 21.6.14

3 Counties League News : 3 Counties Away to Cannington A – 21.6.14

3 Counties Away to Cannington A – 21.6.14

 The conversation Friday p.m. went something like this...Graham…”Have you asked the Banks?”...Gill…”Builders in.” “Franco?” “C team, and so's Dave.” “What about the Denneses? “Malcolm has a Skittles Away and Hilary is in a Knockout match.” “Sarah?” “Another knockout. There’s a lot to fit in.” “The Whiteheads would be good.” “Yes, but they are visiting.” “Ah, here come the Searls.” (sounding relieved). “I’ve already asked. They have visitors too.” Firmly, “Stopforth will do it.” “No, he was going to but now he is away and so is Steve Cousins, Sam has to work and before you ask, Alex and Eliza are both away!” Finally, Graham said “Ok, I'll water the greens tonight and I can at least see the first half of the rugby tomorrow.” The harder part was pinning him down to when he was going out...”Last, first, last! I think.” Simon (Cannington A Captain) was calling out to his pair, “Those who were going out last are now first.” “No! Off the tee the ones who were first going last, who were then going first, are now last!!!” Was it a ploy? If so, it worked. They didn't know whether they were coming or going: Graham and Ray won. Well done! You are now part of the team.

Johnny Tulk filled another gap, playing a blinder off 8 (and that after being in work since the crack of dawn), making Jamie, off 6, work hard to stay in front on his own course. Connie is in the middle of trolley and battery problems but she hired Cannington's only trolley so that she could play. Thank you Connie. All the games were played with the usual good spirit and after the meal the fines began, starting with a fine for Geoff for introducing the Fines Captain...no, Fines Master. (All money goes to St. Margaret's Hospice.) Smart ties were awarded to all who had played 10 times. Simon was fined for 'dissing' the lady in their group by referring to her as Helen, aka Angela, from Wales and thinking that Mick was Nick all the way round. 'Helen' asked for the game to be awarded to Long Sutton as Cannington had obviously played against the wrong pair! No go. Be thankful Long Sutton that I don’t award a fine and a coloured hat to the ‘worst’ player as Cannington do! They take it all in good part

The overall result was a win 3 and 2 to Cannington. Henry and Nigel and Sean and Sandra were our winning partnerships, so 11 points to Cannington and 8 to Long Sutton, plus the Reserve Cup points. Thank you to all the team – Henry, Nigel, Johnny, myself, Connie and Steve Uzzell, Sean and Sandra, Angela and Mike Scoble, Graham and Ray.

Our next match is at Home against Folke on Saturday, 12th July. First tee 1.00. Anyone welcome. Just put your name down on the sheet in the corridor. We will be glad you can play!



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