3 Counties – Last match Report – Long Sutton Home v Wincanton, 14.9.13

3 Counties League News : 3 Counties – Last match Report – Long Sutton Home v Wincanton, 14.9.13

3 Counties – Last match Report – Long Sutton Home v Wincanton, 14.9.13

All matches are important, we know, but at the end of the season the picture clears and the pressure is really on.  With maximum points possible from our last three matches, all home, we hoped we could stay in contention for 1st place to the bitter end against Folke, who had been well in the lead all season.  We were on track when we beat Wheathill B, 5:0 and Wheathill A and Wincanton, 4:1, but dropped with Folke to 3:2.  In the event it was academic.  Folke stormed further ahead, taking  20 points off Wincanton, (the team they called their closest rival last year), leaving us needing to beat Folke 4:1, (106 finish) and Wincanton 5:0 to match 106, or even, beat Folke 5:0 to win!  Odd that day.  A vicious storm with thunder and lightening descended on Long Sutton within minutes of Kev telling me they were 20 points further up than the website said!    

Our record through the year was good -  AWAY: 3 wins at 3:2 (42 pts) 2 pts for a half at Folke              

                 HOME: win 5:0 (17 pts.) 2 wins at 4:1 (28 pts) win 3:2 (to Folke) (11 pts) 

                             As you can see, Folke Away was the problem!  We won everything else. 

DIV 1 – 1st.  Folke            110 points  Well done Folke: a strong team, home and away.   

              2nd  Long Sutton 100

              3rd  Wincanton       74 

              4th   Wheathill B   52

              5th   Wheathill A   47.  Both Wheathill teams will go down to Div. 2. 

              Cannington A (85 points) and Charminster (83) will move up to Div. 1.

Chaos again this week.  It's not just getting a team, it's keeping it!   I'm always thankful when we reach 1.06 on Saturday and the first pair tees off.  This week, Franco was my first godsend as a replacement at 10 p.m. Friday night, then Ray had to be sidetracked from meetings and gardening to fill a slot.  All well I thought.  I can do the cards.  But No!  Another hiccough on Saturday morning itself.  I rushed up and stalled two pairs who would have played, but now couldn't.  Nothing for it...Graham was going to have to retrieve his clubs from the 8th pond!  Graham started twitching and needed a coffee.  “We'll find someone” he said, hopefully.  “Plenty of men here.”  Yes, but all intent on the Stableford.  I tried standing between them and the sign-in sheet, but to no avail: the lure of the 2 spot!  Finally, a little bird offered up Mandy, with the words “But don't tell her I said so!”  So, with an hour to go, she downed tools and partnered Henry as our Reserve Pair - that Cup was still all to play for.  Glad she did.  They won...on the 18th...with Mandy using her last shot!  Thank you both.  It was really tight.  We knew if we won, we would be vying with Folke for the Cup, but if we lost, it would be between Folke and Wincanton.  Not only did we need to win, we needed the win to be on the 15th to beat Folke by a point!  In the end, both on level points, Folke won on count-back, having reached the same holes difference as ourselves in their 7th match.  As I said, tight, but still, two more 3 Counties trophies for the cabinet....Roll on next year!!!

The team to thank on Saturday were Luke Nutland and Franco Calandrini (W 3:2), Ray and Rupert (W 4:2), Angela and Dave (L), Gill and Steve Cousins (W 4:2), Nigel Brighouse and Sandra Basford (W 4:2), Henry and Mandy (W 2 up).  In addition, thank you to everyone else who contributed to our success this year – Sam Clarke, Eliza Vail, Joce Dunevein, Jean Padfield, Sean Monaghan, Norman Banfield, John Drummond, Hilary Dennes, Sarah and Steve Uzzell, Sandra Ford, Michael Scoble, Julie Taylor, Bridet Caddy, Jim McColl, Sylvie and Rod, Stacie Watts, Hayden Gibson, Brian and Gwen Clarke...apologies if I have left anyone out.  Wonderful memories.

Freeman Trophy Day is our next event...Saturday, 12th October.  A really fun day.  Don't miss it!  Team of 12 needed to play to play for the Trophy...Can we make it a hat trick?  The day finishes with a meal and all the season's prize presentations.  See the notice board for details.     


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