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3 Counties Match Report

Glorious weather for golf!  Saturday, 30th June saw us playing Cannington B at home.  A First…not only was I early at the club, but I was actually there ahead of any Cannington players!  It gave me time to appreciate the Langport Lads’ banter...Such an innocent question…“When is a dress a frock?”  The team on the day brought in the maximum, 14 points…and Steve and Becky  won the Reserve game for us, (2 and 1).  Thank you to Angela and Dave, (6 and 4), Franco and Nigel, (6 and 5), Steve Stopforth with myself, (4 and 3), Sarah Uzzell and Roy Parmiter, (1 up), Sandra Basford and Mike Scoble, (5 and 4).

This Saturday, 7th July, saw us travelling to Cannington for the Away game, still in sizzling temperatures.  Cannington kindly brought the tee-off forward by an hour so that we would be in in time to watch the England v Sweden game while we ate.  Long Sutton played amazingly well…4 wins and 1 loss in the match and a battle to a loss in the Reserve Cup.  This gave us 18 points and Cannington 3.  Thank you to Tim and Steve, (5 and 4), Nigel and Franco, who played his socks off apparently, (8 and 6) , Ray and John Blackwell, who dove-tailed well, (3 and 2), Steve and Becky, (3 and 2), Rachel and Robin, who lost 3 and 2 after a battle against low-handicapped youngsters, and thank you to my partner,Rupert, who stepped in at the last and played a blinder, but we lost 2 and 1, not helped by my mixing up the 6 and 9 irons! …What if I had…?

Our next game is Saturday, 21st July, away at Wincanton…if you fancy yourself as John Daly or Laura Davies, seeing the ball sour up into a clear, blue sky, then rolling for miles, without a ditch in sight, then this is a date for you!  Please add your name to the sheet in the corridor if you would like to play.  Gill

Created: 09-Jul-18 16:20

3 Counties match report – Sat. 24th June, Home v Wincanton

We have definitely had a slow start this year with the 3 Counties…Our Home match v Cricket St. Thomas in April only resulted in 3 points.  It could have been 6…Tim and I are still smarting over losing when we had been 5 up.  What woke our opposition up?  Our game away at Folke at the beginning of the month still only resulted in one win.  That was especially frustrating, as several went to the last hole and would have been good points to get. 

Finally though, a good result to report!  Yesterday we won 4:1 at home against Wincanton and won the Reserve match, so 14 points on the board.  Thank you team…Tim and Roy, Dave and Will, Ray and Rachel, Steve and Becky, myself and Nigel, Mike Scoble and Sandra Basford.  Special thanks to Roy Parmiter who stepped in at the last minute and thank you and well done to Will Bingham and Rachel Ewbank, who played for the first time.  Nigel also had some firsts this game…first time he had worn his cricketer’s hat, first time he had been able to buy a drink on the course (really welcome!) and the first time he had had alcohol when playing.  It may have been the cider loosener that got his ball 6 ins from a hole in one on the 17th…after we had lost our match.  One of the opposition did not have such a good game.  After the match, in a broad accent with Doombar in hand, he said he hadn’t been able to play his usual game.  He had been constrained.  He had snapped his pitching wedge in half on the 2nd, but worse, he had to watch what he said and could not disappear into the bushes at will as he had found he was playing with a vicar’s wife!  Time for a second pint.

Our next match is next Saturday, 30th June, at Home against Cannington B, 13.00.  Please sign on the sheet or contact me if you would like to have a game.


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3 Counties Winter Knockout 25th Nov. 2017


Sad to say we were knocked out this day in our round against Folke. The match was played at Wincanton in the middle of a freezing cold spell of weather. I definitely came close to hypothermia, playing in leaky shoes and ending up with sopping socks. Nigel and I were flabbergasted by the performance of our opposition. Their pars and birdies were streaming past us at a rate of knots! We were 4 down at the turn and praying for the wheels to fall off. Nigel staged a comeback on the 10th and we came back to 1 down on 18 but could not compete with a dead straight drive, just short of the green. Sarah and Steve and Tim and Steve Stopforth were the same. Caroline with Steve Cousins and Angela and Dave were our winners. A day of tight games. Good luck to Folke in their next round.

Our next match is the first of the Winter Salver games at Wincanton on Saturday, 13th January. Like childbirth, I may have forgotten the pain by then!

Team of 12 needed to play stableford.


Created: 06-Dec-17 10:46

Three Counties Winter Knockout

Long Sutton and Wheathill A team gathered at Cricket St. Thomas on a bright Sunday morning to play the first round of the Knockout. I am glad to say that Long Sutton have got off to a good start, winning 4 and 1. Thank you to the team on the day … Sarah Uzzell and John Jeanes, Nigel Brighouse and Ann McRae, Steve and Jo Cook, Angela and Dave Baker and Steve Cousins with myself, Gill Edwards.

Our next round will be against Folke. All welcome. Watch the sheet in the corridor. Date and venue to be decided.


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3 Counties League - Freeman Trophy 7th October 2017

Glad to say we were not held up by fog this year at Cricket St. Thomas – the weather was kind and the day ran well. Tee times started at 0800 and by the end were only 15 minutes adrift. The field of 120 players were through in actual daylight…no need for the Volvik balls I had bought for Long Sutton!…and Ian Chandler even had time for relaxed chat before the evening started, as Aaron in the pro-shop had done a sterling job on collating the results for him as they came in. Much appreciated.

On the day, Long Sutton were second with 319 points, to Cricket St. Thomas with 339. Ann McRae won the ladies longest drive. As for the year’s prizes, we collected the cup for Winners Div. 2 (so will be going up next year), and the shield for winning last winter’s Knockout. Cricket St. Thomas were second, in Div. 2, so also go up to Div 1.

Folke raised £100+ for their charity - Steve Henstridge accepted the dare to exchange outfits...Maxine to wear Steve's suit and Steve Maxine's slinky dress. Easy for Maxine, but Steve’s size 12’s would not fit into Maxine’s high heels! I had my doubts the zip would work either, but it held. Well done them!

Winter Knockout : -

The first round has to be played by 12th November. We are drawn to play Wheathill A, on a neutral course. 5 pairs needed to play betterball matchplay. A sign up sheet with details will be on the board asap.


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