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3 Counties-Winter Knockout-Semi-Final

Long Sutton v Yeovil - 23rd March, 2013

The weather is still bedevilling us.  You wouldn't expect snow to close a course this time of year but it closed Charminster last weekend, which meant the semi-final had to be postponed to Wincanton this, so back to the drawing board for a team, with sickness around and bad weather looming.  Such is the determination of some of our players though.  Can you believe Angela was actually miffed when I suggested she missed this game, post-flu and freezing weather.  I would try and draught in some big, burly men to deal with the Wincanton Wet!  She got her way in the end though as I had gaps in the big, burly contingency and Angela is definitely a fighter...thank you to Malcom Dennes, Nick Stacey, Ray Edwards, Dave Baker, Nigel Brighouse and Sam Clarke, who took up the mantle of big, burly men!  I am grateful to you.

As expected, there was an unrelenting east wind blowing, cutting through your 'thermals'.  Outer Mongolia.  Hands so cold, you couldn't feel your club.  That may have been why Sandra Basford's ball nearly took me out on the second hole...(Hey, I'm on your side!), but it was good to see she was hitting a long ball!  One of our opposition, Charlie (Chipper), nearly took me out twice as well, with his sideways tee shot, but credit where credit's due, his chipping was spot on.  He kept putting it 3 foot from the pin from wherever and then did what you know you should do, but don't always...sank the putt... even more irritating.  We weren't the only ones out braving the elements.  Credit too to the Wincanton members.  They play qualifiers all year round and were out playing their Saturday Stableford in this Arctic cold.  A tough lot.

Pair one came in, Malcolm Dennes with Nick Stacey.  Those agonising moments, trying to tell from body language and in the end, desperately asking ...Did you win?   Yes.  Wow!  Pair 2, Sandra Ford with Sam Clarke... also winners...Sam's face struggling to stay straight, then bursting into a big grin,   Sandra making a 2 spot as well.  I was so pleased for them all.  Hadn't dared hope for top end wins.   Now all waiting on the last two pairs.  No offence, but I wasn't hopeful judging from glimpses out on the course.  In came Angela, bristling, Boudicca, electricity firing off her, her hair standing on end.  Body language...very cross! They had fought back but lost on the 17th and she had never been so cold!  That just left Nigel Brighouse and Sandra Basford.  I didn't dare go and watch in case it put them off.  Oh, the tension as they came in, and yes, they had won...True matchplay...Nigel said he had played well to start with and had then gone off and Sandra had had to dig deep, winning on the last hole.  I kept pinching myself.  We have won haven't we?  3 and 2.  I really wanted to dance a jig and hug them all.  What troopers.

Now we are in the Final, playing against Wincanton...they of the Winter Qualifiers in All Weathers!Bring it on.  We're up for it.  We've enjoyed the excitement so far and we'll enjoy the end, whatever.

The date is Saturday, 30th March at Wheathill.  First tee 10.30.

Any volounteers for the team please contact me on 07850595771 or sign the sheet on the club noticeboard.



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3 Counties – Final round of Winter Salver – Cannington, Saturday, 9th March.

3 Counties – Final round of Winter Salver – Cannington, Saturday, 9th March.

The 3 Counties certainly keeps you on your toes...take nothing for granted!  The gods are playing with us.

Friday found me possibly two players short of the twelve needed for the last Winter Salver  at Cannington, but fate intervened...Richard Bartin, arriving for rollup, said “Yes”, so one slot filled!  Text from the last man.  ”Sorry, can't play,” so still one short.  Unfortunately, then had to dash to Taunton...family crisis...and couldn't get back to phones and computer until mid-evening.  “What's this?” I muttered, when I logged on to emails.  It looked as if I had booked myself a tee time at Long Sutton mid-day on Saturday and Jean Padfield had asked to join me!  “I know my brain's going soft, but how did I do that?”  Even more confusing, I could see Ray's name in the time above.  “Have we fallen out?  What's going on?”  It turned out to be Ray's fault (of course!) but I don't think even he knows how he managed to get  two tee times booked for Saturday, when he thought he was asking for two tee times on Mark Royal Day...aka MR DAY as typed by himself.  It all worked out though...I rang Jean to apologise and she agreed to fill the last slot!  All part of that cosmic plan.

On the day, cards all done.  Team all present and correct.  All organised I thought as I rushed to the first tee...Captains out first this round.  A lot of talking and fidgeting going on.  I assumed this was because I was last to the tee...no I didn't say late, just last...but when I got there I was told  “The red and yellow tees are on boxes, the whites are out on the proper tees, so better the ladies go off the whites as well.”  “Pardon?!”  I couldn't believe my ears.  Geoff had said the whites would be back on grass for us.  Poor man forgot to say it was a mixed competition.  More arguing when I was told...”And play off the white card”.  “Well, we didn't.  We played off the red, with our adjustment shots and that was hard enough.  Once playing though, I appreciated what they were saying.  The tee boxes were moved out of the way in a lot of places and wouldn't have been good, but it certainly felt hard to compete.  We had five ladies playing, whereas Wincanton only had one and Folke and Cannington none.  In addition, two of our ladies are outside of the 24 max. handicap...not usually a problem...off red tees.

It was a shame in that it spoilt some people's games, but it raised others, and come the end, the fun took over, as it always does.  Everyone was watching the scores as they were posted, trying to get clues from body language: jeers and cheers.  All good fun.  Their 'Fine a Friend' for charity had everyone laughing, misdemeanours ranging from a captain wearing a shirt that looked like a deck chair, to our being 'late' for the Wincanton round, an air shot on the first tee and clubs being thrown further than the ball.

Then, the serious business.  Before play, the positions were Folke first, 42 points clear of Wincanton.  We were third, 12 points behind Wincanton, and 2 points ahead of Cannington.

The results on the day were Cannington first, 323,  Folke 304,  Long Sutton 294, Wincanton 270, giving  the final results Folke 1235, LONG SUTTON 1183, Cannington 1181, Wincanton 1171.

Especially well done Long Sutton...2nd by 2 points.  I'll take that.  Good battling and thank you to the gods!  Richard Bartin was our top scorer again with 33, then Steve, Sam, Sandra and Jean, all with 32,  Nigel Brighouse 30, myself 29,  and so on.  Good scores, all things considered, on a course I would  enjoy playing again...off the reds.

Thank you again to all who contributed to the four rounds – Chris Binding, Norman Banfield, Hughie McGuire, Julian Lawrence, Julian Odierno, John Drummond, John Evans, Luke Nutland, Richard Dore, Richard Bartin, Stephen Southgate, Sean Monaghan, Sam Clarke, Steve Stopforth, Sandra Basford, Dave and Angela Baker, Hilary and Malcolm Dennes, Sandra Ford, Nigel Brighouse, Val Fraser, Jean Padfield, Ray and myself.                     Gill

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3 Counties Winter Salver – 'Home Round' at Orchardleigh

3 Counties Winter Salver – 'Home Round' at Orchardleigh

Thank you to Graham and Peter for enabling our home round to be played at Orchardleigh, when there were fears  our part of Somerset would never dry out!  Once offered, we jumped at the chance to play such a beautiful, parkland course.  It is much appreciated.  There were some tired legs come the end, and we were more than ready for our roast pork.  Thank you to the team on the day, re-jigged at the last minute because of flu and back injury!

Steve Southgate, Richard Dore, Dick Bartin, Luke Nutland,  John Evans, John Drummond, Sam Clarke, Sean Monaghan, Sandra Ford, Sandra Basford, Ray and Gill Edwards.

Ray had our highest score on the day, 35 points, but he signed for 34, not noticing he had only been given 2 points for his 3 on the last par 3 hole.  Second on the day (on countback mind) was Sam with 33...but I am sure he has already had a Highest on the Day(?), which could bring the prize down to me!!   

If anyone would like to play in our last round on Saturday, 9th March at Cannington, please contact Gill on 01935 823912 or 07850595771.

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