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3 Counties match v Yeovil at home Saturday, 5th September.

3 Counties match v Yeovil at home Saturday, 5th September.

Here’s another nice mess I got you into!...Confusion reigns in 3 Counties match once it is realised the teams are playing off the wrong shots.  It would have made a good film.  Myself (away) asking Sandra to Captain what we want to be a smooth match against Yeovil, as both of us have previously sent our teams out in the wrong aggregate order.  I did it at Yeovil and Yeovil did it to Wincanton.  This time we would get it right, or would we?  We managed to struggle over the usual hurdles as far as getting a team together at all goes, finally filling the last slot Friday evening and even avoided the pitfall of a change from the usual tee time, but then Sandra asks “Is it full hcp?” As we have been talking about the playing order and aggregate, I think she means do we use actual hcps or full hcps to work out the aggregate, so I say “Full hcp.  I only go into actual hcps when two pairs are on the same aggregate.  Angela and David and Richard and Angela Body are both 38 this week, so I worked out the aggregate with the actual hcps to see which is the lower.”  No!  Can you hear the alarm bells?  She was meaning Full hcp difference!  The wagon has started to roll out of control down the hill!!  Will someone stop it in time?  

On the day, Mark, Yeovil Captain, has put himself out last as he might be late and has Roger as Acting Captain. Sandra has the cards all ready and she and Roger fill them in.  Mark (Yeovil Captain) has arrived but leaves things to Roger.  Oh dear, the tension mounts.  Roger and Sandra check that the aggregates are right (yes) and in order (yes) and the shots (?yes?).  All looks well and the cards are handed out.  Sighs of relief from Sandra and Roger and play starts.  Ray and Carole are out first and Mark last.  What amazed me was that no-one queried their shot allocation before play. There’s always someone.  I hand you your card.  You look at it, purse your lips and frown and then ask for an explanation.  Why not today?  I suppose you know when it’s me you need to check my maths and actually, this time, it was a good number of shots!  Even so…the low handicappers and experienced players, giving away all those shots?   Eventually, in the course of the match, Mark realises the mistake and tries to make people change.  It can’t have helped his game trying to catch people on different holes.  Sandra and Ann have barely started so not a problem for them, but Ray and Carole are on the last holes.  Uproar in the clubhouse as everyone comes in...I can only imagine!  I am still not sure who played off full and who off ¾ and who, like Ray and Carole had their card changed from one to the other, but at the end of the day the Captains reached an agreement and the sheets were signed off.  The match was halved giving 11 points to Yeovil and 8 points to Long Sutton, bringing us up from second to first in the division at the moment.  I can only apologise and am sorry the wagon trundled headlong all the way to the bottom of the ravine.  That evening I had a text from Carole to say Ray played well and has a lot to tell you.  I was thinking Hole in One?  He had better not have before me.  I could never have dreamt what actually happened.  The 3 Counties is far from dull!

Our last match is against Wincanton on Saturday, 19th September.  First tee 1.00.  This will be exciting.  Long Sutton on 85 points and Wincanton 81.  Playing for the Cup.  My pulse rate has just gone up!  Sign up in the corridor.

ALSO – Sign up for the Freeman Trophy Day at Mendip Springs.  Saturday, 10th October.


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Three Counties League Rules Revised 6.11.14

Three Counties League Rules Revised 6.11.14

1.   Each team shall consist of 10 League players and 2 Trophy players, who, when playing   away, shall each pay a match fee of £12 per person (to be decided at the AGM).  Total £120.

2.   Each match shall start at 2.00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, unless the Team Captains have arranged another mutually agreed time.

3.   Each match shall be 18 holes long and played in 4 BBB match play format, ¾ handicap difference.

4.   Team Captains are to determine the running order of their team and submit their team sheet to the opposing Captain 20 minutes before the game.  Pairings are to play in cumulative playing handicap aggregate order.  This means, where applicable, adjustment shots are included when working out the aggregate, and pairings with a combined aggregate of 36 would play earlier than a pairing with a combined aggregate of 41.

5.  If a team arrives with less than 10 players, then that team must make sure it has at least one player in each individual game.  It is possible to play a match with just 5 players.  With more than 5 players, there must be a player in the Trophy game.  With 7 and above players, the team must maintain cumulative playing handicap aggregate order, so this would mean any single players going out first in ascending handicap order.

6.   If a player is delayed, the game following may take its place in the running order.

7.   Players shall observe the rules of the club at which they are playing.

8.  Players shall observe the dress code of the League – collared shirts, casual trousers and golf shoes are to be worn.  No jeans or football shirts.

9.   In the event of a course being closed due to abnormal weather conditions, the match result will stand only if each game has completed the 9th hole.  The course can only be deemed to be closed by the Course Owners/Course Managers/Team Captains, by mutual consent and in that order.  

10.  All matches are to be played from the competition tees of the day.  In line with the Junior League Rules, Juniors above 28 hcp to play off red tees, if there are no specific Junior tees in place.  Juniors 28 hcp and below to play off competition tees of the day.

11.  The maximum playing handicap in the League is to be 28, including the Trophy players.  Players with handicaps higher than this figure may still play but must play off 28.

12.  A player is only allowed to represent one club per season.  A player who is a member of more than one club must nominate the club he/she intends to represent at the start of the season.

13.  Juniors and ladies will be allowed to play in the League but must follow the parameters defined by the League Rules.

14.  Any game cancelled due to weather conditions before the 9th hole and then unplayed, will be deemed tied, with an equal share of the points.

15.  Decisions regarding matches unplayed or not rearranged due to reasons other than the weather, will be determined by the League Committee at a following Committee Meeting.

16.  The League Committee is made up of the Officers of the League and one representative of each member club, with each club having one vote only and the Chairman having the casting vote.

17.  An official meeting of the League shall consist of a quorum of 3 member clubs, excluding the Officers of the League.

18.  Refreshments shall be provided by the Home Club.

19.  Home captains are to notify the Results Secretary of the match result on the forms provided – acceptable to scan and email the form.

20.  Ties at the end of the season will be resolved by the scores attained by the Trophy matches for the season and then on countback – points first, then holes won on countback.

21.  The Trophy Shield for each Division will be awarded to the team who gains the most points in their Division, following the Trophy scoring system – Home win 3 points.  Away win 4 points.  Home draw 1 point.  Away draw 2 points.  The Division 1 reserve Shield to be known as the Joe Harring Trophy.  The Division 2 Reserve Shield to be known as the Steve Harris Trophy.

22.  The League season will end on the second Saturday in September.

23.  The League is a non-profit making organisation.  Any balance in the accounts, upon     cessation of the League, will be donated to a registered charity, nominated by the Committee.

24.  These Rules can only be changed at an Annual General Meeting.

25.  If a match is to be cancelled, then the Captain wishing to cancel the match must ring the other Captain by 6.00 p.m. on the Wednesday before the match date.

26.  The League will observe the Ladies Golf Rules with regards to adjustment shots.  Even if    a lady plays of 28 (maximum handicap in the League), she will still get her adjustment shots.

27.  Winter Knockout – the winning Captain is to convey the result to the Results Secretary by phone or email.

28.  The Winter Knockout consists of 10 players.  The match fee will be £10 but no refreshments required.  The match must be played on a neutral course, agreed by both Captains.  In the event of a drawn match, they must play to a result.

29.  Captains Cup – Will be played at a course decided at the AGM and consist of the Officers of the Committee, Team Captains, plus one player from each club.  Match fee will be £10 with no food provided.

30.  If a match is played out of aggregate order, no penalty.  The Home Captain is responsible for filling in the match form ahead of the match.

31.  Three dates are to be offered for the Winter Knockout. 

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3 Counties Report – Long Sutton v Wheathill B

3 Counties Report – Long Sutton v Wheathill B

A nearly worse than normal lead up to Saturday’s match with me still one player short Friday evening when I arrived at the club to play my Drawn Pairs match, Graham being one of the 11 found.  “My clubs are in the pond!  I can’t play.  I’m playing rubbish”.   “There’s no escape.  I’m happy with rubbish!  I’m still one player short with yourself playing.”  Thankfully, Graham and Andrew caught me up at the second tee with the good news that Mike Poole had kindly stepped into the breach, leaving me to concentrate on the match in hand.  We need not have worried.  The team played a blinder.  Mike and Steve, Rupert and Sarah, myself and Tim, Sandra Ford and John Jeanes, Sandra Basford and Sean all won.  Sandra and John had to fight back from 3 down to win 1 up and Graham’s rubbish led him and Angela to a win, 4 and 3.  Well done and thank you everyone.  Maximum points.

Next match is Saturday, 5th September at Long Sutton against Yeovil.  Please sign up if you would like to play.


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3 Counties Report Long Sutton v Cannington A – 11.7.15

3 Counties Report Long Sutton v Cannington A – 11.7.15

I started the day with a crick in my neck on Sunday when I passed one of Cannington’s players in the corridor with his head grazing the ceiling, ducking to go into the coffee lounge!  That’s one way to intimidate the ‘not quite 5 foot captain’!  Imagine…on the 2nd from the whites he could be looking over the top of the hill.  It’s very uphill for me from the reds!

Thank you very much to Long Sutton.  We were not intimidated.  The result was 4 and a half and a half, giving us 17 points in total and John Jeanes and I halved the Joe Harring match.  Well done everyone…Steve Stopforth and Haydn…under pressure, they won the last two holes to halve their match, Lesley and Martin Hawkins…thank you for playing for us for the first time…Angela and Dave, Tim and Ann McRae, Sean and Sandra.

Our last 3 matches are all Home, Saturday, 1st August v Wheathill B, Saturday, 5th September v Yeovil and Saturday, 19th September v Wincanton.  Please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would like to play.  Thanks.


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3 Counties Report – Away Win v Wheathill B. Saturday, 23rd May

3 Counties Report – Away v Wheathill B.  Saturday, 23rdMay.

Summer arrived on Saturday!  A beautiful day and for a change the golf matched the weather.  Wheathill made us very welcome but could not match us for points on the day.  Thank you to all the team…Luke and Adrian Nutland, Steve Stopforth and John English, (thank you for stepping in at the last minute!), Nigel Brighouse and John Jeanes, Angela and Dave Baker, Tim and myself and Sean and Sandra Basford.   Three wins, one half and one loss…16 points to Long Sutton and 4 to Wheathill as well as the winning points towards the Joe Harring Trophy.

Our next match will be on Sunday, 12th July at Home v Cannington A.  First tee 1.00.  Please sign the sheet in the corridor if you would be interested in playing.


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