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3 Counties Match Report - 1st July 2017

Golf is usually a case of 'If only...'  Well our 1st July match was a massive 'if only'. If only I had remembered Angela and Dave were in Wales that day....if only I had struck their names off the sign up sheet.....if only I had been on Facebook, I would have seen!!  But there you go. There's a first for everything and I dont want that embarrassment repeated. With 10 playes, it meant in matches 5 and 6, Sandra and Sean had to play as singletons. Losses there were - not unexpected - but from the other 4 matches, we only secured 2 points, thanks to Rod and Sylvie who halved their game. We always knew it would be a tough day and I was actually looking forwards to it...I always like playing at Cricket...but I could never have imagined how touch a day it would prove to be. Thank you to all the team who tried so hard to bring the points in...Caroline and Nigel, Steve and Ann and Ray - who was not feeling well. Looking forwards, we have our next match away at Cannington on Staurday 15th July, first tee 11.00. We are up for the challenge! Look out for the sign up sheet in the corridor and sign up if you would like to play. League table follows...


Created: 13-Jul-17 09:36

3 Counties Report - Long Sutton v Cricket St. Thomas 7.5.17

3 Counties Report - Long Sutton v Cricket St. Thomas 7.5.17 – Despite my (actually) being early at the Club to sort the match, turmoil before the off, as Cricket were only able to field 10 players, instead of 10 for the match and 2 for the Reserve Trophy.  Time was slipping by fast with worry over how to interpret the League’s Rule 5.  Turns out it is a muddled way of saying that at least one player has to be in the Trophy game, unless there are only five players and as the League has now cancelled aggregate order, a single player can go in any slot…so we made the right decision, more by luck than judgement: a singleton went off first and a singleton in the Trophy slot, but then Denise back with card querying shots given.  Angela back with card querying shots given.  From Ray “I don’t know why you give Gill the job of working out shots with her number ability.”  Patience…  We got there in the end with just a few more grey hairs for me.  Both teams enjoyed the course, the sun and the carvery meal and Long Sutton came out well in the results with a 4:1 win, gaining 14 points for the match and the Trophy points, versus Cricket St. Thomas’s 4.  Thank you team!  Tim, Nigel, John Thomas and John Pearson, Angela and Dave, Denise and Richard, Sandra and Sean, Ray and myself.

Our next match will be on Saturday, 20th May at Wheathill.  First tee 11.00.


Created: 10-May-17 10:16

3 Counties March v Yeovil, 22nd April, 2017 – A good start to the season for Long Sutton.

3 Counties March v Yeovil, 22nd April, 2017 – A good start to the season for Long Sutton.  Thank you to Valerie and John, Angela and Dave, Sarah and Steve, Ray, Caroline and Tim and Sean and Sandra.  Together you brought in a very pleasing 14 points, versus 4 to Yeovil.  Sean and Sandra also won the Steve Harris Trophy game.  The weather could not have been better for it and the course looked amazing.  A good day all round.  Our next match is on a Sunday this time…Sunday, 7th May, at home to Cricket St. Thomas.  This will be a toughie!  Sign up on the sheet in the corridor.  Gill

Created: 24-Apr-17 17:24

3C Knockout WINNERS!!

3 Counties Winter Knockout Final, 11th March, 2017 – The picture says it all.  We won!  Fantastic.  What a team.  I did admit in the clubhouse afterwards that I had had my doubts, once Cricket St. Thomas was agreed as the venue: it is not an easy course in winter conditions, but luckily, today, the wind was not too much of a factor.  The score was 1 to Folke, (won on the 19th) and 4 to Long Sutton.

The team on the day consisted of Tim and Caroline, Sarah and Steve, Angela and Dave, myself with Nigel and last but not least, John Pearson and Sean.

That was our last winter match, now we turn to the Summer League.  6 Pairs will be needed to play 4BBB matchplay.  Match dates for your diary.  Please sign the sheets in the corridor. 

All welcome. 



Saturday, 22nd April Home v Yeovil

Sunday, 7th May Home v Cricket St. Thomas

Saturday, 20th May Away v Wheathill B

Sunday, 18th June Home v Cannington Bears

Saturday, 1st July Away v Cricket St. Thomas

Saturday 15th July, away v Cannington Bears

Saturday, 9th September, Home v Wheathill B

Saturday, 16th September, Away v Yeovil 

Created: 13-Mar-17 11:58

Final round of 3 Counties Winter Salva

Final round of 3 Counties Winter Salva – I am going to set the scene (and make my excuses).  We had a glorious start for the final round at Folke on Saturday, 4th October...weatherwise that is.  You can see how keen and relaxed Caroline and Angela were in the sunshine before teeing off.  I said, ‘We have played this in snow in March before now’ and Caroline said, ‘It’s not going to snow today’, but what was in store for us?…icy cold rainstorms sweeping across the course, at least a two club wind as the storm swept through and greens summer fast, like silk! (a credit to the lone greenkeeper, Andy), but how do we play on them?  I was so cold I could not feel my fingers, despite a heat pack in each pocket and one up each sleeve.  One minute we had clubbed up short in the wind and the next our ball was leaping with gay abandon to freedom, the other side of the green!   

Excuses made – Folke were in total control, played out of their skins and galloped further ahead in the lead.  We started second, 17 points behind them and finished 69 points behind!  Luckily at the start of the round we had a good lead ahead of Wincanton and Cannington and managed to retain second place, Wincanton and Cannington staying third and fourth.

Thanks to the whole team – Nigel, Dave, Angela, Caroline, John Pearson, Valerie and John, Sean and Tim.  Special thanks to Denise Tomblin who felt unwell the whole way round but carried on and our star of the day, Steve Uzzell, who played like a Folke man and brought in our highest score, 31 points!  Thank you to everyone else who contributed over the four rounds to our Runners Up result...John Blackwell, Ray, Sandra Ford, Franco, John Jeanes and Steve Cousins.  We certainly had some fun along the way.


Created: 06-Mar-17 17:25
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