3 Counties Winter Salva, 22nd March at Folke and Winter Knockout v Folke 23rd March.

3 Counties League News : 3 Counties Winter Salva, 22nd March at Folke and Winter Knockout v Folke 23rd March.

3 Counties Winter Salva, 22nd March at Folke and Winter Knockout v Folke 23rd March.

If you judge success by carrying away trophies, then this weekend was not a success, but in many other ways it was. The four teams, Wincanton, Cannington, Long Sutton and Folke assembled at Folke for the final round of the Salva, Cannington making a day out of it with a mini bus. Before the captains could tee off, Skinny (Steve Henstridge, Folke Club Captain) had to retrieve his clubs, his team mates having helpfully sent them half way down the fairway – the start of the day's fun. Conditions were not easy in the strong wind and occasional golfball-sized hailstones, but everyone was glad just to be out playing golf again, never mind how, and the teasing and jokes were endless. Cannington were just 10 points behind Folke at the start of the day. Would they be able to make up the ground? As the scores came in it was Folke who were returning in the 30's, apart from poor Terry, who was ribbed mercilessly for his 16 points. (According to their website, they are still waiting for him to play his back 9.) After a roast dinner and apple pie and cream, the prizes were presented. Folke won on the day with 316 pts, but here is a success for Long Sutton, we were 2nd with 275 pts, then came 265 (Cannington) and 256 (Wincanton). Folke retained the Salva with 1142 overall. Cannington had 1082, Wincanton 1039 and Long Sutton 966. Sarah Uzzell won a box of balls with the most points at Cannington. Cannington had boxes of balls as Salva runners up and Folke wine and balls as the Salva winners. The end of a good day: golf and food in good company. Thank you to all our Salva players – on the day, Nigel Brighouse, Hilary and Malcolm Dennes, Angela and Dave Baker, Joce Dunevein, Eliza Vail, Michael Scoble, Steve Cousins, Ray Edwards and in previous rounds Jeff Price, Sam Clark, Tyler, Sean, Norman, Chris Binding, Sandra Ford, Mandy, Mary Marshall, Ann McRae, Graham Load, Alec Lyon, Phil Lock and Frank Pengelly.


The next day saw us at Wheathill to finally play the Knockout, postponed from January. The wind was as strong as ever, but no hailstones this time. It was invigorating playing better ball matchplay again and we put up a good fight, but Folke beat us 3 and 2 – Terry was dropped! They go on to play Wheathill B in the semi-finals. Thank you again to Sarah and Steve Uzzell, Nigel Brighouse and Mandy Head, Sean Monaghan and Tyler Lennox-Gordon, Sandra Ford and Rich Bartin and Ray. In all, 29 different players from all the sections came together during the winter rounds, with different levels of experience and levels of handicap. Thank you.


Looking forward, we start the Summer 3 Counties League -

Away Long Sutton at Folke Saturday 5th April 1.00 p.m.

Away Long Sutton at Charminster “ 10th May 11.00 a.m.

Away Long Sutton at Wincanton “ 24th May “

Away Long Sutton at Cannington “ 21st June “

Home Folke at Long Sutton “ 12th July 1.00 pm.

Home Cannington at Long Sutton “ 16th August “

Home Wincanton at Long Sutton “ 6th Sept. “

Home Charminster at Long Sutton “ 13th Sept. “


Sign up sheets will be on the noticeboards. We would love for you to play. Do put your name down for any you fancy. 4BBB matchplay. £12 match fee including meal. 6 pairs – 5 for the match and one towards the Joe Harring Cup, or contact me 01935 823912, 07850595771, mopsyedwards@yahoo.co.uk




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