Captain's Drive In Comp.Results and Photos

Club News : Captain's Drive In Comp.Results and Photos

Captain's Drive in
4 Person Scramble
Saturday 5 November
1st F.Penny, N.Baker, M.Champion, A.Padfield 58.7 Net  
2nd M.Hawkins, Lesley Hawkins, S.Uzzell, Sarah Uzzell 60.1 Net Bk6
3rd R.Dore, W.Allen, J.Tulk, N.Banfield 60.1 Net  
4th N.Dennis, J.Jeanes, I.Littlejohns, A.Lyon 61.0 Net  
5th N.Hewitson, S.Higson, M.Veale, A.Pilkington 61.3 Net  
6th S.Wheatley, T.Griffin, L.Wheatley, C.Blackwell 61.4 Net Bk9
7th H.McGuire, Mandy Head, J.Searl, L.Coward 61.4 Net Bk9
8th Gill Edwards, T.Edwards, R.Edwards, Sandta Basford 61.4 Net  
9th M.Lawlor, C.Chick, D.Watts, A.Potepa 61.7 Net  
10th J.Williams, K.Purdy, S.Southgate, A.Moray 62.1 Net  
11th M.Head, N.Stacey, Cheryl Stacey, M.Pengelly 62.3 Net  
12th R.Hird, Carolyn Hird, K.Pain, Lynne Pain 62.4 Net  
13th P.Harding, J.McGhee, J.Drummond, G.French 62.8 Net  
14th P.Lock, M.Poole, G.Edmunds, H.Callow 63.3 Net Bk9
15th G.Load, B.Smith, C.Slocombe, T.Forward 63.3 Net  
16th F.Pengelly, R.Body, D.Butcher, Ros Williams 63.7 Net  
17th J.Blackwell, R.Tucker, R.Stacey, Carole Paterson 64.0 Net  
18th N.Goodliff, G.Bourne, N.Phillips, R.Parmiter 64.1 Net  
19th C.Breslin, B.Campbell, J.R.Paterson, P.Littlejohns 64.4 Net  
20th J.English, J.Raine, B.Paterson, D.Chambers 64.5 Net  
21st T.Marshall, B.Durrant, D.Lock, S.Oliver 65.0 Net  
22nd T.Atkins, S.Bennett, P.Burch, A.Stanton 65.3 Net  
23rd T.Horsey, D.Horsey, D.Jones, R.Harwood 65.5 Net  
24th D.Manning, W.Parks, F.Calandrini, N.Pugson 66.2 Net  
25th Gwen Clarke, Anne Agnew, Angela Body, Valerie Fraser 66.6 Net  
26th D.Baker, Angela Baker, J.Thomas, Valerie Thomas 66.7 Net  
27th A.Shire, C.Hockey, R.Bartin 68.7 Net  
28th J.Pakulski, I.Jackaman, B.Knott, M.Knibbs 69.0 Net  
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