Captains's Drive In Results

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  Captains's Drive In   
  Saturday 9th November 2013  
  Texas Scramble  
1st N.Blackwell N.Dean C.Blackwell P.Tilley 57.7
2nd J.McGhee N.Phillips A.Potepa G.French 58.4
3rd P.Harding W.Coward H.McGuire G.Bourne 59.7
4th N.Banfield J.Price C.Binding J.Lawrence 59.9
5th T.Atkins A.Pilkington S.Oliver H.Hornet 60.1
6th B.Harding R.Butcher R.Parmiter M.Lawlor 60.9
7th N.Goodliff D.Watts C.Chick P.Burch 61.1
8th G.Edmunds A.Leitch R.Harwood M.Head 62.0
9th M.Veale N.Hewitson P.Ross G.Maxwell 62.1
10th G.Ceely A.Nutland P.Wills L.Nutland 62.1
11th A.Coward J.Brodie J.Drummond S.Southgate 63.7
12th I.Jackaman M.Lowe S.Bennett D.Bartys 63.9
13th G.load R.Load I.Brown T.Forward 64.0
14th J.Evans K.Lacey J.Odierno R.Dore 64.3
15th R.Edwards K.Purdy G.Edwards G.Baker 64.6
16th M.Gamble J.Bolton A.Stanton S.Lock 64.6
17th D.Lock J.Hardisty B.Knott J.Blackwell 65.1
18th D.Crew T.Griffin I.Clarke J.Parker 65.6
19th M.Poole J.Padfield L. Gordon Tyler C.Hardaway 65.9
20th P.Lock C.Searl S.Clarke D.Butcher 66.2
21st S.Uzzell S.Uzzell G.Clarke B.Clarke 66.6
22nd S.Cousins B.Cousins M.Scoble S.Monaghan 66.7
23rd A.Head M.Marshell V.Hayes J.Taylor 67.2
24th G.McFarlane J.Padfield F.Pengelly D.Knight 67.9
25th L.Wheatley S.Wheatley D.Horsey T.Horsey 69.7
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