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Charity Day 2022 Results


Friday 17th June 2022, White & Red Tees, Long Sutton Golf Club

(25%/20%/15%/10% from lowest to highest playing handicap)

1stDylan Andrews, Christopher Blackwell, Nicholas Dean, Simon Wheatley55 
2ndAdrian Bath, Denise Malling, David Mason, Lee Sturgess56 
3rdJake Coleman, Toby Robinson, Marc Rose, Adam Woollard57 
4thDavid Chambers, John English, Micky Raine, Mike Rees57 
5thDarren Blows, Darren Couch, Mark Couch, Patrick Vearncombe57 
6thJames Dimmack , Roger rigden, Dan want, Ged want57 
7thPeter HOLMSTROM, Lee Payne, Neil Rogers, Christopher Slocombe57 
8thJamie Bisgrove, Steve Bryant, Ben Laver, Daniel Peach58 
9thStuart Bright, Pete Mitchell, Colin Stevens, Jason Suffield58 
10thDan Scriven, Lee Scriven, Luke Scriven, Zack Seifert58 
11thDavid Edmunds, James Edmunds, Elliot Mann, A Nother59 
12thTim Edwards, Matthew Fooks, Paul Harding, Steven Stopforth59 
13thJo Cook, Steven Cook, Richard Overson, Denise Tomblin59 
14thJohn Day, jody Foy, Ryan O’Malley, Peter Tulk60 
15thFrazer Anon, Joe Branning, Michael Browne, Dave Rogers60 
16thWesley Allen, Luke Appleton, Stuart Hodder, Andrew Isaacs60 
17thPete Cox, Rob Gale, Nigel Howe, Nick Howell60 
18thCraig Chesterman, Lewis Greenwood-King, Tom Parr, Josh Roach60 
19thMartin Jessopp, Rich Maslen, Greg Smith, Colin Tizzard60 
20thJamie Brodie, Julian Cole, Gary Earl, Shane Earl61 
21stPaul Francis, Ben Lewis, Stuart Scott, Will Tate61 
22ndBradley Horton, Richie Horton, Dec Mooney, Julian Phillips61 
23rdJames Drew, Dave Moffett, Darren Morgan, Mike Pitman61 
24thMartin Abbott, Neil Robertson, Stephen Friend St Austell, Piers Stanley61 
25thKeith Massheder, Karl McGrady, Ian Moses, Jesse Pattisson62 
26thRupert Cox, Harry Fry, Terje Liljebakk, Nigel Phillips Snr62 
27thBen Dunevein, Jeremy Onsllow, Paul Rodgers, Nigel Stone62 
28thNorman Banfield, Peter Burch, Tom Pope, Jonny Tulk62 
29thGraham Load, Rob Load, John Rosser, John Williams62 
30thjames Healey, Mark Healey, Chris Norton, Adrian Nutland62 
31stPaul O’Dea, Adam Webber, Graeme Webber, Kieron Webber62 
32ndSteve Bisgrove, Dave Brodie, Hung Dang, Jeremy Daniels62 
33rdRoss Hudson, Chris Monks, Derek Oborne, Mark Pearce63 
34thGinny Farnworth-Smith, Aideen Roche, Katharine Stringer, Mark Veale64 
35thAmie Edwards, Gillian Edwards, Henry Edwards, Rupert Edwards64 
36thPhilip Duck, Cheryl Stacey, James Walpole – Langport Fitness, James Whitlock64 
37thWilliam Bingham, Jeremy Edwards, Jason Mann, Andy Richards64 
38thSimon Dobson, Neil Hewitson, Allan Pilkington, Mike Veale64 
39thJocelyn Dunevein, Amanda Head, Mary Marshall, Shirley Rodgers65 
40thSeb Benton, Cam Mu, Dave Willis65 
41stBill Holmes, Robert Parks, Wayne Parks, Nigel Pugson65 
42ndPat Holt, Sean Monaghan, Gus Phillips, Ade Thomas65 
43rdGarry Brewer, Richard Brewer, Rob Mann, Jon Wintersgill67 

Proud Sponsors of Long Sutton Cricket Club …

Long Sutton Golf Club are proud sponsors of Long Sutton Cricket Club for the 2022 season.


Thank you to Long Sutton Golf Club Seniors Section …

On behalf of all the members we would like to thank the Seniors Section for purchasing the outdoors defibrillator case. For those that have yet to see the location, it is in the entrance of the toilets at the 10th tee. Staff are aware of the code along with the emergency services. In the instance of the defibrillator being needed please follow the instructions on the outside of the case. Some staff are trained to use the defibrillator so will be happy to assist if needed. We would also like to thank the course marshals who are doing a fantastic job at weekends. These individuals give up their own time week in, week out to help improve the pace of play on the course. If any members have a couple hours free at a weekend and would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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Our TrackMan Driving Range system is used by 96 of the World’s top 100 golfers to improve their game and now you can sharpen up your game with the same transformational radar technology. All our bays feature touch screens supplying ball tracking data, fun games suitable for golfers and non-golfers, and virtual golf enabling you to play some of the finest golf courses in the world, including the Old Course St Andrews!

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However this is not a requirement as it is possible to use the app as a guest without a profile if you are just wanting to have some fun.

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