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A celebration of Rabbie Burns at the Club

Burn’s Night

On Saturday 24th January 95 people enjoyed a celebration of Rabbie Burns at the Club. For me as a Burn’s Night virgin, it was a very memorable event. Right from the start of the proceedings with Ian Davidson piping in the Haggis, to the very end with a “reply from the Lassies” from Gill Edwards and the subsequent dancing everyone agreed it was a great night out.

Ian Davidson gave the “Address to the Haggis” which was superbly and entertainingly delivered in a totally incomprehensible (to a mere Sassenach anyway) Scottish language. This was followed by a traditional haggis, neaps and tatties starter to an excellent 3 course meal. Thomas Mc Tulk gave us an insight into the immortal memory, followed by John Muck Drummond with an amusing and insightful “Toast to the Lassies”, and an equally insightful and amusing reply from Gill Edwards.

The evening had great atmosphere with Scottish dress tartan kilts and sporrans on display to accompany the black ties and the elegant ladies in their evening gowns and frocks.

The taxis arrived much too soon but we will be back next year to toast the memory of Rabbie Burns.

Many thanks to Tommy Tulk and Rob and Sandra Ford for their support for the raffle which raised £225 for St Margaret’s Hospice.

Mike Poole

Club Captain


Created: 27-Jan-15 10:55

Results - 4 Person Team Sat 27th Dec

4 Person Team
Saturday 27 December 2014
1st T.Forward, J.Parkinson, M.Wicks, R.Bartin 96 Pts  
2nd T.Griffin, Ann McRae, C.Blackwell, S.Dobson 93 Pts Bk9
3rd H.McGuire, Sandra Ford,T.Brown, T.Atkins 93 Pts  
4th S.McFarlane, S.Uzzell, M.Bowling, I.Brown 90 Pts  
5th D.Baker, J.Blackwell, J.Evans, P.Burch 89 Pts Bk9
6th M.Veale, T.Edwards, F.Pengelly, G.French 89 Pts Bk9
7th C.Binding, A.Leitch,Q.Lawrence, N.Goodliff 89 Pts Bk9
8th J.Lawrence, L.Wheatley, Sarah Uzzell, H.Edwards 89 Pts  
9th N.Stacey, S.O'Malley, S.Oliver, P.Wills 88 Pts Bk9
10th A.Shire, S.Monaghan, J.Odierno, J.Brodie 88 Pts  
11th G.Monks, D.Lock, R.Horsey, N.Banfield 87 Pts  
12th Carole Paterson, B.Thair, M.Pengelly, N.Hewitson 86 Pts  
13th J.R.Paterson, Rowena Bradnum, P.Harding, R.Parmiter 85 Pts Bk9
14th P.Tilley, Gill Edwards, R.Ford, P.Lock 85 Pts  
15th J.Padfield, Tanya Hornet, G.Baker, B.Harding 84 Pts  
16th J.Drummond, Ray Edwards, B.Durrant, C.Gingell 83 Pts  
17th M.Head, Anglea Baker, B.Knott, F.Penny 82 Pts  
18th N.Gabb, G.Maxwell, Mandy Head, M.Poole 81 Pts  
19th N.Phillips, Sandra Bashford, C.Knight, A.Potepa 78 Pts  
20th K.Purdy, M.McRae, A.Thair, R.Butcher 75 Pts  
Created: 28-Dec-14 00:54

Drawn Teams for Saturday 27 December 9.30 am Shot Gun Start

Drawn Teams for Saturday 27 December 9.30 Shot Gun Start

 £3 - Coffee on arrival with bacon bap either eated in the bar or delivered on the course at 11am ish!

Food available aftertwards.

Hole   Player 1   H/c        Player 2  H/c       Player 3   H/c        Player 4 H/c
1 M.Poole 11 N.Gabb 14 Mandy Head 18 R.Stacey 26
1B C.Gingell 11 J.Drummond 12 B.Durrant 18 Ray Edwards 18
2 R.Parmiter 8 J.R.Paterson 12 P.Harding 16 Rowena Bradnum 22
3 H.Edwards 5 J.Lawrence 12 Sarah Uzzell 14 L.Wheatley 24
4 S.Dobson 8 T.Griffin 12 C.Blackwell 14 Ann McRae 27
5 J.Brodie 10 Cheryl Stacey 14 J.Odierno 17 S.Monaghan 21
6 G.French 5 Rupert Edwards 13 F.Pengelly 15 T.Edwards 19
7 A.Potepa 7 N.Phillips 13 C.Knight 15 Sandra Basford 23
8 R.Butcher 10 K.Purdy 11 A.Thair 16 J.Rogers 22
9 P.Burch 11 D.Baker 12 J.Evans 16 J.Blackwell 25
9B P.Lock 11 P.Tilley 12 R.Ford 16 Gill Edwards 19
10 N.Banfield 9 G.Monks 12 R.Horsey 18 D.Lock 22
11 N.Hewitson 9 Carole Paterson 14 M.Pengelly 15 B.Thair 19
12 J.Parkinson 10 M.Veale 13 M.McRae 16 Ruth Lloyd 28
13 R.Bartin 10 T.Forward 12 M.Wicks 14 J.Lloyd 21
14 P.Wills 4 N.Stacey 12 S.Oliver 15 S.O'Malley 24
15 I.Brown 8 S.McFarlane 13 M.Bowling 16 S.Uzzell 19
16 N.Goodliff 11 C.Binding 12 Q.Lawrence 18 A.Leitch 19
16B F.Penny 8 M.Head 14 B.Knott 16 Anglea Baker 26
17 T.Atkins 11 H.McGuire 12 M.Hazell 18 Sandra Ford 19
18 B.Harding 10 J.Padfield 14 G.Baker 17 Tanya Hornet 36
Created: 24-Dec-14 09:32

Night Golf report

Night Golf 4.12.14

A good evening had by all but I must admit chaos reigned for a lot of it! Thursday lunchtime numbers settled out at 23, so Graham had to find some old clubs to step in and make it even. Then a call from Graham Load…stuck in traffic and too far away to get to us in time but he would join us for George’s chilli. Handing out cards “Where’s Steve Stopforth?” Still waiting for call to say it was on! My fault. I forgot to text him back! Quick team reshuffle…hopefully one torch in a group at least.

It was really quite eerie out on the course...diffuse moonlight, so you could actually see quite well without torches but it was so quiet. Where was every one? We hardly saw or heard any one. My team was convinced it was all a big trick and we would get in to find everyone sitting in the bar eating, having only pretended to play. But no. Thank goodness! Everyone played and enjoyed it. No one fell in a bunker or ditch or broke a club.

The winners were Angela Baker, Neil Hewitson and Martin Wicks but how they managed to play, let alone win, I don’t know as they seem to have laughed the whole way round and were still rolling round with laughter after they collected their prizes, Angela comfortable in her pink socks. Henry Edwards, Ann McRae and Rob Ford were second and on countback in third place, Roy Parmiter, Ray Edwards and Graham Holloway.

Thank you to the weather gods and to everyone for making it work.


Created: 06-Dec-14 15:36

A CHEQUE for £24,300 was raised for St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil at this year’s Long Sutton Golf Club charity fun day

Western Gazette reports:-

A CHEQUE for £24,300 was raised for St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil at this year’s Long Sutton Golf Club charity fun day.

The event’s organiser Richard Dore and golf club chairman Thomas Tulk met with representatives from the hospice on Thursday to hand over the donation.

 Mr Dore said: “Most of the money was raised at this year’s event, which had 57 teams of four people taking part.

“Some was also raised by the club’s captain Phillip Lock and member Gill Edwards, who was sponsored to complete 100 holes in one day.”

The charity golf day took place in July and featured a tombola, raffle and auction alongside the golf tournament.

Mr Dore said: “We raised £300 more than last year.

“The tournament was set up 21 years ago after a group of golfers lost a friend who was cared for at St Margaret’s Hospice. Every year since then we have used the event to raise money to support their work.”

An official presentation of the cheque took place on Saturday at the golf club.

Created: 09-Oct-14 20:00
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