Elvis Night at Long Sutton ? What a Night!

Club News : Elvis Night at Long Sutton ? What a Night!

Elvis Night – What a Night!

Thank you to all the ladies (and their gents!) who were able to come to Elvis on Saturday.

If you want to know what the evening was like, try saying 'Elvis' to someone like Julie, Angela, the Whiteheads, Carol, Carolyn, the Pains, Tanya and Sean, the Drummonds, Felicity or myself and see what reaction you get...!

I bet it would start with a big intake of breath, the eyes light up and out comes the rush of words..."It was amazing.  He was incredible".  The beaming smile starts...You should have seen him flirting with Julie, resting his foot on her chair.  She wouldn't stroke his leg! So he pulled his scarf off and draped it round her neck! What a girl, she didn't bat an eyelid but played right along.  As for those tight, white trousers...oh my goodness Angela!  We should have had a table further back. 

It's the laughter that stays with you after a night like that.  We cheered and laughed when a space was cleared in the middle of the packed dance floor by Kev Pain's breakdancing.  That was such a surprise.  We know he can hit a golf ball but breakdancing?  There were cheers when Fran heard her favourite and just had to rush  out to dance her full-on favourite.  Andrew Isaac's grandma and auntie were bopping away and loving it.  There was constant comedy from the man at the back singing the chorus and miming along with Elvis behind his back.  The laughter went on and on! 

Talk about a night to remember.


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