Junior Matches 2013 Report

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Junior Matches 2013.

Long Sutton vs. Taunton Vale (away) 1 ½ - 2 ½

As our first match of the season, the Long Sutton Juniors were sent out with a fighting spirit, and a determination to get our first point on the board. Our two singles matches were Tyler Lennox-Gordon and Stacie Watts, Tyler made a fantastic effort winning his match on the last hole, scoring Long Sutton’s first points of the season. Stacie’s match didn’t fare so well, losing 3&2, making the score one each. Our first group pairing consisted of Sam Clarke and Ruben Stacey, not making it easy for their opponents they played a fair match and won a much deserved half. Waiting for the last match to come in was a nail biting experience, this match was the decider and the pairing was Cameron Barrett and Lewis Coward, this was Lewis’ debut performance for the juniors and despite playing a good game, lost on the last hole, making the overall score; 2 ½ - 1 ½ in Taunton Vales favour.

Long Sutton vs. Taunton Pickeridge (away) 2 -2

As this game was drawing close, everyone in the team knew this would be a tough game, and we would have to give it everything we had, and we did, and I’ve never been more proud of my team than I was on this day, they did Long Sutton juniors proud. Once again the two singles matches were played by Tyler Lennox-Gordon and Stacie Watts, Tyler made another fantastic show, grabbing the deserving win from that match and once again giving Long Sutton their first points of the match. Stacie Watts played a good game and secured a 4&2 win over her opponent, giving Long Sutton the lead. The first doubles match pairings were Sam Clarke and Charlie Curtis, unfortunately losing their match, but giving their opponents an interesting game, needless to say. The last doubles pairing was once again the decider, this pairing consisted of Ruben Stacey and Lewis Coward, it was a long wait for them to come in, because all we wanted to know was the score, unfortunately the two boys lost, leaving the remaining score at a two all draw, which is amazing, away from home and on a difficult course. Well done boys!

Long Sutton vs. Cannington (away) 2-2

This was another tough game, which our juniors handled very well; they gritted their teeth and played their matches well. Once again the two singles matches were the two lowest handicappers, Tyler Lennox-Gordon and Stacie Watts. Tyler once again secured a win for Long Sutton, making a pattern by giving Long Sutton their first points of the match on the third occasion. Stacie’s match once again didn’t succeed, losing 3&2 to a worthy opponent, making the score one a piece. The two doubles matches were played by Sam Clarke and Charlie Curtis and Ruben Stacey and Lewis Coward. Sam and Charlie went out onto the course and came back with their first win as a pair, giving Long Sutton the lead. Ruben and Lewis match didn’t have such a happy ending, resulting in a loss but having played a good game. A two all draw away from home is a fantastic win, and I am very proud.

Long Sutton vs. Taunton Vale (home) 2-2

As we prepared for our first home game we felt quietly confident, with a hope that we would gain our first win. Once again the two singles matches were played by Tyler Lennox-Gordon and Stacie Watts. Tyler gained his fourth consecutive win for the juniors and is making an amazing showing for his first season; this win once again gave Long Sutton their first points of the match and their first points at home. Stacie’s match ended in defeat, to an extremely worthy opponent which was extremely close. Our two pair’s matches were then sent out, and it was an anxious wait for them both to come in, with the score being one all at this point, every shot counted. The pairing of Ruben Stacey and Lewis Coward was a close match, but ended in defeat for us. The last pairing of Sam Clarke and Charlie Curtis was an interesting match, which was played well, Sam and Charlie secured the win giving us the win on the match we were searching for, leaving us with an overall draw.

Long Sutton vs. Cannington (home) 3 ½ - ½

As our return match with Cannington drew close, we were hungry for a win, and were positive we were going to secure it this time. The two singles matches were played by Tyler Lennox-Gordon and Stacie Watts once again. Tyler was predictable and won us the win we were all hoping so hard for. Stacie also secured a win; it was payback for last time. Giving Long Sutton a 2-0 lead. The pairs matches were where it all counted now. Our first pairing was Sam Clarke and Charlie Curtis, at two up on sixteen we were all waiting expectantly but left it to eighteen to secure the match, giving us our first win, but it wasn’t all over yet. Our last pairing was Ruben Stacey and Lewis Coward, also two up at sixteen we all began to get excited, but at all square going down eighteen, you could’ve heard a pin drop, but Lewis held his nerve, holing a putt for the half in a true professional fashion, making our ending score, 3 ½ - ½

Long Sutton vs. Oake Manor - Knockout Cup (home) 3-0

In our knockout match, in our team of three, we went out with high expectations, and came back with the results. Our team consisted of Tyler Lennox-Gordon, Stacie Watts and Cameron Barrett. Tyler secured an outright and well deserved win. Stacie made her win a little harder for herself, after being five down after seven, she pulled it back and secured her win 2&1, Cameron played it brilliantly, getting his win on the fifteenth giving our juniors a three nil win.

Our last match is to be played this Sunday (14th July), against Taunton Pickeridge, and is our last match of the season, anyone wanting to come and support would be much appreciated.

So far I have really enjoyed this year as captain, and if I had the chance to do it again, I most definitely would, I would also recommend this position to anyone, it’s one of the best things a person could ever do.

Yours sincerely,

Stacie Watts

Captain 2013

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