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Captain's Drive In Results

Captain's Drive In
4 Person Scramble
Saturday 1 November
1st A.Pilkington, W.Parks, F.Calandrini, N.Pugson 56.7 Net
2nd T.Tulk, J.Tulk, S.Stopforth, S.Monaghan 59.1 Net
3rd R.Bartin, N.Phillips, A.Nutland, C.Chick 59.9 Net
4th Gill Edwards, T.Edwards, R.Edwards, F.Penny 60.2 Net
5th M.Head, B.Durrant, J.Bolton, F.Pengelly 60.4 Net
6th D.Baker, Anglea Baker, Ann McRae, M.McRae 60.5 Net Bk9
7th J.McGhee, P.Harding, A.Potepa, B.Harding 60.5 Net
8th R.Parmiter, D.Watts, M.Lawlor, J.Rodgers 60.6 Net
9th P.Wills, P.Jennings, C.Gingell, D.Manning 60.9 Net
10th J.R.Paterson, Carole Paterson, N.Dennis, Sandra Ford 61.1 Net
11th P.Tilley, C.Blackwell, M.Pengelly, N.Dean 61.7 Net
12th N.Banfield, K.Purdy, I.Brown, J.Lawrence 62.0 Net
13th R.Tucker, Ros Williams, S.Higson, Vanessa Hayes 62.3 Net
14th J.Drummond, C.Binding, J.Brodie, R.Butcher 62.6 Net
15th P.Lock, R.Harwood, D.Horsey, A.Leitch 62.8 Net
16th R.Hird, Carolyn Hird, K.Pain, Lynne Pain 63.0 Net
17th G.French, G.Bourne, N.Goodliff, H.McGuire 63.3 Net
18th J.Williams, Sandra Bashford, C.Hockey, R.Stacey 63.4 Net
19th T.Atkins, J.Blackwell, S.Oliver, M.Gamble 63.5 Net
20th M.Poole, C.Hardaway, Sylvia Coache Tucker, L.Gordon Tyler 63.6 Net
21th N.Hewitson, S.Dobson, M.Veale, G.Holloway 63.9 Net
22nd J.Hardisty, Cheryl Stacey, N.Stacey, Mandy Head 64.0 Net
23rd Q.Lawrence, N.Gabb, M.Dennis, M.Bowling 64.4 Net
24th J.Evans, R.Dore, J.Odierno, S.Southgate 64.6 Net
25th L.Wheatley, S.Wheatley, C.Lamb, B.Knott 64.8 Net
26th N.Griffiths, M.Capps, M.Layzell, C.Thayer 65.5 Net
27th S.Cousins, S.Banks, Sonia Banks, Becky Cousins 65.6 Net
28th I.Jackaman, S.Green, M.Lowe, P.Burch 66.3 Net
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Chairman's Day Team Results

Chairman's Plate
Saturday 4 October
1st R.Butcher / R.Parmiter / A.Potepa / N.Goodliff 108 Pts
2nd C.Chick / P.Burch / D.Watts / G.Bourne 105 Pts 
3rd T.Edwards / Gill Edwards / Sandra Basford / R.Edwards 103 Pts
4th B.Harding / P.Harding / J.Rogers / J.Harding 101 Pts
5th M.McRae / Ann McRae / R.Bryant / M.Bryant 100 Pts Bk9
6th J.Brodie / K.Purdy / S.Monaghan / J.Odierno 100 Pts
7th Mandy Head / Vannesa Hayes / S.Coache - Tucker 98 Pts
8th G.Maxwell / M.Lawlor / N.Phillips / H.McGuire 97 Pts Bk9
9th P.Wills / G.Ceely / C.Gingell / P.Jennings 97 Pts
10th Anglea Baker / D.Baker / P.Ross / I.Jackaman 96 Pts  
11th N.Hewitson / M.Veale / S.Dobson / D.Want 93 Pts 
12th P.Lock / M.Poole / S.Oliver / S.Cousins 92 Pts
13th R.Hird / Carolyn Hird / K.Pain / Lynn Pain 88 Pts  
14th B.Durrant / L.Wheatley / C.Blackwell / N.Dean 86 Pts  
15th G.Load / R.Load / C.Slocombe / B.Smith 83 Pts
16th A.Pilkington / M.Pengelly / P.Tilley / M.Head  81 Pts Bk9
17th N.Banfield / R.Dore / C.Binding / T.Tulk 81 Pts  
18th J.Drummond / J.Tulk / J.Evans / J.Lawrence 76 Pts
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Final Club Night Results & Presentations


 Club Night  
Wednesday 24th September  
Hole Prizes  
  1 Nearest Marker Pole Pete Burch  
  2 Nearest 150 maker pole Nick Goodliff  
  3 Nearest Marker pole Nick Goodliff  
  4 Nearest Pin in Three George Ceely  
  5 Nearest Pin in Two Nick Goodliff  
  6 Nearest Ditch Andy Shire  
  7 Nearest Pin Jamie Brodie  
  8 Nearest Ditch Phil Lock  
  9 Nearest Pin Frank Pengelly  
  John English x 2 Jack Hardisty  
  Rich Dore George Ceely  
  Kev Purdy Roy Parmiter  
  John Drummond Jamie Brodie  
  Frank Pengelly    
Div 1 (0 - 11)  
  1st  Tommy Atkins 23Pts    
  2nd George Ceely 22Pts    
  3rd Kev Purdy 21Pts Bk6  
  4th Jamie Brodie 21Pts    
  5th Nick Goodliff 20Pts    
Div 2 (12 - 16)  
  1st  John English 22Pts    
  2nd Frank Pengelly 21Pts Bk2  
  3rd John Drummond 21Pts Bk6  
  4th Tim Forward 21Pts    
  5th Ian Jackaman 20Pts    
Div 3 (16 - 36)  
  1st  Mandy Head 20Pts Bk6  
  2nd Mike Rees 20Pts    
  3rd Frank Calandrini 19Pts Bk6  
  4th Alf Chrascina 19Pts    
  5th Chris Thayer 18Pts Bk6  
Best Ladies Club Night points  
  Mandy Head 23 pts    
Best Ladies Stableford points  
  Angela Baker 191Pts    
Eclectic Scores  
  1st Alan Pilkington Net 26 Bk6
  2nd Kev Purdy Net 26  
  3rd Roy Parmiter Net 28 Bk3
  4th Pete Tilley Net 28  
  4th John English Net 28 Bk6
Club Night Stableford Points  
  1st Ian Jackaman 488pts    
  2nd Andy Shire 450pts    
  3rd Nigel Brighouse 437pts    
  4th Norman Banfield 427pts    
  5th Jamie Brodie 424pts    
  6th Sean Monaghan 412pts    
  7th Alan Dimmock 398pts    
  8th Pete Tilley 390pts    
  9th Phil Lock 382pts    
  10th Franco Calandrini 370pts    
Total Club Night Points  
  1st Kev Purdy 68pts    
  2nd Alan Pilkington 55pts    
  3rd John English 50pts    
  4th Roy Parmiter 48pts    
  5th Dave Lock 47pts    
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Long Sutton winners of Windwhistle Seniors Open

Long Sutton winners of Windwhistle Seniors Open

Long Sutton members steal the show at the Windwhistle Open Texas Scramble, with the team scoring better than the home teams:

Away Team Winners: Chris Gingell, Phil Bowditch, & Richard Bartin Net 60

3rd Place: Graham Load, Richard Dore, & John Evans Net 61.5

Nearest the Pin: Phil Bowditch

Longest Drive: Richard Bartin


A good day for Long Sutton

Created: 11-Sep-14 17:54

Vice Captain’s Texas Scramble report & results

Vice Captain’s Texas Scramble

Click here for the results

I should just like to thank all of you who were able to participate in this event last Sunday. On the day 22 teams of 4 players went out with prizes being given to the first 7 teams, the last team and the best front and back nines. It was good to see a wide spectrum of members playing from all sections of the Club.

A number of prizes were generously donated for a raffle which together with a fun card game raised over £180 towards a defibrillator which will be held at the Club and remain available in case of need for players out on the course.

During the prize giving, what started as a generous gesture by one individual, turned into an avalanche with almost all the prize money eventually being donated back towards this excellent cause.

Whilst I would certainly not expect these acts of generosity to be the norm, because any victory in golf is terribly hard won, and the rewards deserved, I am overwhelmed by the manner of the Long Sutton members who responded in this way on the day. As a cautionary note however, if any of the winners feel that they had been overtaken by the euphoria of the day, or by peer pressure, to make these donations, then their vouchers will be available in the Proshop to collect until 8th August.

The weather was kind with many people able to eat their lunch outside on the patio; whilst others took the opportunity to have their family join them for a carvery meal in the restaurant.

The course was in great shape and is a credit to the Long Sutton management team.

My thanks go to all the people behind the scenes whose help made the day the success it was.

Mike Poole.

Vice Captain


Created: 29-Jul-14 19:23
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