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Despite overnight heavy rain the green keeping staff managed to get the course open for the 2017 Captain Drive In Texas Scamble. 28 teams of 4 entered and an enjoyable day was had by all. Norman Banfield did his usual amazing management of the event and results. Club Captain John Paterson raised £200 to start this year St Margarets charity fund. 

Captains's Drive in
4 Person Scramble
Saturday 4 November
1st N.Goodliff, C.Chick, P.Harding, A.Gibson 58.8 Net  
2nd G.French, S.Hodder, W.Allen, S.Stopforth 59.2 Net  
3rd J.R.Paterson, Mandy Head, J.Searl, R.Stacey 60.1 Net Bk9
4th M.Champion, K.Wills, F.Penny, M.Hawkins 60.1 Net  
5th N.Dennis, N.Griffiths, B.Campbell, C.Breslin 61.1 Net  
6th N.Hewitson, S.Dobson, M.Stringer, A.Pilkington 61.6 Net  
7th S.Bennett, B.Harding, N.Phillips, G.Bourne 62.0 Net  
8th P.Burch, M.Lawlor, H.McGuire, J.Rogers 62.2 Net Bk9
9th P.Wills, B.Bond, Sarah Uzzell, J.Coward 62.2 Net  
10th D.Wickens, J.McGhee, J.Drummond, A.Potepa 62.8 Net  
11th G.Load, B.Smith, C.Slocombe, T.Forward 63.3 Net  
12th J.Massheder, K.Massheder, A.Hainsworth, Denise Malling 63.6 Net  
13th S.Wheatley, N.Dean, T.Atkins, M.Pengelly 63.8 Net  
14th J.Padfield, C.Blackwell, G.Edmunds, H.Callow 64.0 Net  
15th Becky Cousins, S.Cousins, T.Edwards, Gill Edwards 64.7 Net  
16th R.Dore, N.Banfield, J.Williams, L.Coward 64.8 Net  
17th J.Pakulski, I.Jackaman, A.Dimmick, M.Knibbs 65.1 Net Bk2
18th Carole Paterson, Chris Jowett, S.Uzzell, J.Jowett 65.1 Net  
19th Ann McRae, D.Baker, Angela Baker, R.Head 65.3 Net  
20th F.Pengelly, T.Liljebakk, A.Stanton, L.Wheatley 65.4 Net  
21st J.Malling, L.Greenwood-King, D.Mason, Shirley Rodgers 66.1 Net Bk9
22nd D.Lock, B.Durrant, S.Oliver, R.Harwood 66.1 Net  
23rd P.Littlejohns, I.Littlejohns, N.Baker, G.Nickelson 66.3 Net  
24th J.Blackwell, M.Poole, P.Lock, M.Head 66.7 Net  
25th T.Griffin, A.Bath, J.Parker, I.Clark 67.8 Net  
26th Anne Agnew, N.Stacey, Ros Williams, C.Arscott 68.7 Net  
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