Report on Night Golf......!!

Club News : Report on Night Golf......!!

 Report on Night Golf

15th February, 2012

 ...It was fun!  Agreed, the weather helped.  No frost, no rain, a warm wind (for February!) and the stars were amazing.

The fun and games started before we were ever out on the course...the balls.  “Who's got them?  Has someone taken my team's yet?”  Panic. “I've got to get to the 18th !”  Note for next time...hand balls out with card and allow more time to reach tees! 

All about to start.  Ray (it would be Ray!) held up in traffic at Cartgate...I tell him he's off the 2nd.  Deliberate sabotage?  No.  At least, not deliberately deliberate.  Andrew puts him right...”You're off 16 because we guessed you'd be late!”  Now let me see, Ray had a trolley but he does have a sense of direction.  Surely he wouldn't forget the right hand bunker on the 2nd?  Were they tyre tracks?

As for my team, the question of divots on the ladies' tees...You have to bear in mind Graham was coerced into playing.  He did get better quickly, but on the first tee...!!   He winced and saw pound notes every time he hit the ground.  Luckily we're all a bit deaf and he soon got the hang of's like riding a bike... and his putt dropped on the first hole.  Jamie brought along his Chinese driver...we wished he hadn't!  His drives curved every which way and only he drove off on the last hole...remember, we did only need one drive each...but again his putter was red hot.  Down for 4 on the 16th.  Chris was  Steady Eddie.  Straight down the middle.  No trouble.

Confusion as we approached the green on the 3rd.  Who's buried the green?  What distance is that?  Then we found the flag in the hole upside down...we're given to believe it was John Evans, anticipating being in Australia!  We put our 7th place down to Graham Load's barracking from behind and his lighthouse lamp destroying our night vision.  Why didn't he stick to eating my carrots?  But he's so kind hearted...Sandra's knight in shining armour...crawling deep into a hedge to retrieve her ball.

I wonder whether Steve's ball will be found today?  Our only loss.  We have the light but no ball.  We did say not to hit them end on!  I see a fine coming on.   I was so glad to meet Ray Boulton smiling at the end, still dry...he hadn't fallen in the pond as he'd feared.  We all made it back safe and sound...

So yes, it was fun and we will do it again sometime, only better...Lovely to come back in to piping hot food.  Thank you to Julie, Fran and the Bar Staff.  Our thanks to Graham for letting us run it, for sourcing the kit to keep the costs viable and for stepping in at the last minute as a player.  Our thanks to Andrew for his help in pulling it all together and finally, thanks to you all for playing with such good humour.


The results were -

Tom Lowe, Dave Baker, Phil Herriman, David Howell                     6.7                28.3

Johnny Tulk, Graham Load, Malcolm Dennes, Angela Baker        5.9                29.1

Steve Stopforth, Pete Burch, John Evans, Marion Boulton           5.9                31.1

Roy Parmiter, Wes Allen, Rob Ford, Julie Taylor                             5.6                31.4

Rob Load, Norman Banfield, Malcolm Head, Sandra Ford              5.1                31.9

Jordan Taylor, Nigel Griffiths, Ray Edwards, Hilary Dennes          5.8                32.2

Jamie Brodie, Chris Binding, Graham Holloway, Gill Edwards        5.7                32.3

Haydn Gibson, John Drummond, Ray Boulton, Mandy Head        6.1                32.9

Steve Dobson, Chris Slocombe, Roger Barnett, Coleen Herriman  6.8                33.2

                                                                 ...what cost the putts that sat on the edge or just lipped out!


Any observations or ideas for future events, please pass the word on.

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