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The Redwood Cup

Seniors’ captain, Chris Hockey,  puts on a brave face while presenting The Redwood Cup to the ladies captain Sandra Basford”.


The second round of the Redwood Cup was played on 22nd September. This is  the annual competition, played over two rounds, between the Senior Gentlemen of the LSGC and the Ladies of the club. Decided by the accumulated match play wins, over 2 rounds, the ladies had secured  a substantial  lead  of 6 ½  to 3 ½  from the first 10 x 4 ball, better ball matches,  played in May. With many of the ladies’ section committed to playing other competitions, this round was restricted to 6 matches. The gents were facing quite a challenge and could only afford to loose one match if they were to win the cup out right. A result on the day of a seniors’ win by 4 ½ to 1 ½ would mean the seniors retaining the cup by default. Nail biting stuff then!

A  “gardening injury” resulted  in me having a very poorly hip (everyone say ahhh) and I was pleased to receive a plea from John R Paterson to be in the team. “You’re in mate” I said. “Much better chance of you, rather than me,  getting a result,   I’ve got a limp”!

The sun shone, the wind dropped and the birds were singing (another ahhhh please) as JRP and Billy Bond teed off in match 1 against  captain Sandra Basford and Chris Jowett.  Both the ladies hit straight tee shots right down the middle, “that looks a bit ominous”, I thought. Closely contested and played in the best spirit of golf, the ladies took it to the 16th but it was a win for the seniors by 3 &2.

I followed the finishing  holes in Match 2  and this was another close one between Mick Capps & Keith Lancey (wearing a very natty summer cap)  against Sheen Smith & Valerie Thomas.  All square after 15, Mick  made par on the 16th to go one up.   Sheena’s drive was  on the 17th green looking good for a par, possible birdie,  before Valerie took the pressure off  by leaving her putt, from off the green, stone dead.  Sheena missed the birdie and the match went to the 18th, which the seniors managed to win and to win the match. Great stuff, we were two matches to the good.

Steve Uzzell and Joe Jowett teamed up in match 3 against Gwen Clarke, who being a lady of a certain  age was receiving 3 courtesy shots, and her partner Christine Turner, with just the 2 extra courtesy shots.  The experience and skill of the ladies shone through and they won the match 4 & 3.

Better news for the seniors in match 4, where Gavin Baker and Dave Kennedy secured a win over Gill Edwards & Ruth Lloyd by 3 & 2. The seniors were looking good and still on track. Funny how looks can be so deceiving! I had received the news earlier on,  that Len Collin, dressed from head to toe in 50 shades of purple, playing with big Jim Lloyd,  had gone 4 up, in match 5, against Angela Body and Christine Coates. Well,  these 2  ladies performed a small golfing miracle and all credit to them, they turned it around to get a win for the ladies 2 &1.   Well played indeed ladies. Our fate was sealed and just to rub it in Richard Body and John Thomas lost match 6, by 2 & 1 to Hilary Dennes and Connie Stolworthy.  On the day the 6 matches finished 3 each, but with the lead from round one, already secured, The Redwood Cup was  won in 2016 by the ladies. Congratulations.

At least Mick Capps has got the “Last loosing captain of the Redwood Cup”  monkey, off his back. In some ways, I hope I have to carry it for  years to come.  

Regards to one and all, well done Sandra,


Chris Hockey  Seniors' Captain - Long Sutton Golf Club

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Created: 23-Sep-16 21:59

Report on Seniors v Wells – away, 16th September

One of the pleasures of accepting the role of Seniors’ Captain is that you get the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf at so many wonderful locations and I count Wells Golf Club amongst them.  As you stand on their clubhouse balcony, with a view of golfers on 4 or 5 different holes and watch from above as  matches are won or lost on the 18th green, you can’t help but to reflect what could have been and should have been for the club house  at LSGC.  Insisting that our club house was built on just about the lowest point of the course, with restricted views in every direction, was an abject failure by our local planning department. End of rant!

Nothing more than a very short report is called for in our away match at Wells played on Friday 16th. Just for a change I will start from the last match out, where we had about the only good news of the day!

In match 6 John Thomas and Len Collin played some great golf and they recorded an excellent win by 6 & 4. Well done to both of you.

Bill Bond tells me that in match 5, he and Dave Kennedy just managed to snatch a half from the jaws of victory. On another day I may have been a bit disappointed with only a half, but not on this day.

In match 4 Jimmy Quinn and Richard Axe had a very close game. They teed off all square on the 18th only to lose the match by 1.

Matches 3, 2 and 1 hardly deserve a mention, but here goes.

I teed off with Peter Hill in match 3 and we lost 6 & 5.  Richard Bartin and Mike Layzell also going down 6 & 5 in match 2. It was Mike’s first time representing LSGC in a seniors’ match and he proceeded to leave numerous golf balls, with the Mike Layzell name and logo on them, all around the Well’s course. That’s a touch of class Mike!

John Packett and Phil Bowditch had lead us off in match one, but it was not their day either, loosing by 7 & 6.

Overall we had lost the day by 4 ½ to 1 ½ but the company was good, the sun had shone and the post-match food was excellent.  As was the foaming glass of Butcombe bitter and a glass of red!  Thanks as always to all members of the team.


Chris Hockey – Seniors Captain 

Created: 19-Sep-16 20:30

Report on Seniors v Minehead 13th Sept 2016

With thunder and lightening blowing across Somerset in mid morning, which resulted in a temporary course closure, there was a possibility that our inter club match would be called off. However, with the weather improving and the Minehead team having already arrived & keen not to have had a wasted trip, the match teed off as planned. We did get a bit wet, but no more lightening, so all matches were completed. 

I have played with vice captain Rod Tucker a few times this year, but this was our first time pairing up for a club match. Rod plays some great golf and it was mainly down to him that we won by 1. If I could just improve that blessed putting we could have closed them out a lot earlier.
I teamed up the winning pairing of Webber & Kennedy for match 2 and they came through, again, with another win 3 & 2. Top golfers.
My Petherton pal, Chris Thayer & Gordon Clamp secured a half in match 3, with the powerful pair of Phil Bowditch and Steve Uzzell winning by 1 in match 4.
Peter Hill and John Thomas were involved in another close game in match 5 but just missed out, loosing by1 and then a storming finish from Richard Bartin & John Packett with an excellent win 5 & 4 in match 6. The overall result was another win for LSGC seniors by 4 ½ to 1 ½ . Great stuff and a big thanks to all the team. The Minehead match was my last fixture at home, as seniors’ captain and I would like to thank all those members of the section who have played in the home matches and provide hospitality to our visitors. You are all a credit to the club. Please make sure you give Rod the same support in his captain’s year.
I have also sent a note to the owners asking them to pass on my thanks to every one of the catering and serving staff who have looked after us so well and provided such great post match meals.
With 4 away matches at Wells, Honiton, Cricket St T and The Dorset still to be played this year, you could still get on the team sheet. Availability lists are on the board.
Chris Hockey – Seniors’ captain


Created: 15-Sep-16 18:55

Seniors v The Dorset Golf & Country Club 9th Sept 2016

With Mike Bowling recording 44 points in a recent seniors’ internal comp there was a good chance I would select him  to partner me in an inter club match! At home to The Dorset  we teed off together in the first match out and he didn’t disappoint. Sliding in a long putt from off the green to birdie the 2nd and chipping in for a rarely seen eagle on the 3rd we had their captain Martin & his partner rattled early on, especially as I had recorded a par on the first. They pulled it back and  with both sides giving generous putts on the 18th it meant our match was halved, a fair result.

In match 2  the experience of John R Paterson and enthusiasm of Bill Bond proved a winning combination as they had an excellent win 5 & 4.

Another experienced player, Richard Bartin paired up with Stewart Thompson in match 3, with Stewart representing his club for the first time.  Stewart played well  & Richard  was hitting some big shots (through the back of the 16th  in 2)  but it was not quite enough, as they lost 2 & 1.

With Dave Kennedy & Alan Webber bringing home a win 2 & 1 in match 4 and Mick Capps  &  Andre Blond securing a half in match 3 it was all down to the result of  the last match.  Big Jim Lloyd and fellow “leftie” Peter Hill both  played well, but the 10 handicapper they were up against played better and Dorset took that one by 3 & 1.

Overall the match was halved. Our  postponed return  match at The Dorset is scheduled for October the 11th, which will be my last match as seniors captain. I will be very keen to win that one.  As usual my thanks to all who played.

Chris Hockey – Seniors captain




Created: 15-Sep-16 18:38


The Seniors Avalon league team yesterday qualified for the playoffs by beating Wheathill 5 nil and thereby topping the East division Seniors Avalon league.

Wheathill brought a strong team and all but one match going to at least the 17th hole.

Well done to the team on the day and the squad in general who have played a part in getting us this far.

We now will play Taunton and Pickerage at home on a date to be decided.

Nigel Griffiths

Created: 15-Sep-16 18:33
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