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Seniors lose to Farrington at Home

Report on  Seniors v Farrington park  at home -  3rd May 


Having spent 2 weeks in the Cyprus sun it was great to come back to the UK and find we were playing golf in the sun here and how good is that!  We welcomed the seniors of Farrington Park to a sun drenched Long Sutton and after a slightly “messy start” with a late team replacement, forgotten golf shoes  and changes to the running order the match got under way.  Gavin and his bionic bits (as Rod calls him) lead the way with John Jeanes and they recorded a great win by 5 and 4. Bill Bond and Dave Kennedy  got promoted up the order  to play in match 2, but finished in match 3, and after some nip and tuck were piped at the post to loose by 1. I selected yet another great partner  for match 3, but FP captain David Elliot and his partner got off to a much better start and Phil Bowditch and I quickly found ourselves 2 down after 2. With Phil  making par on  both the  7th  and 9th  and me making good use of my shot on the 8th   we turned the corner 1 up,  only to loose  the next 2 holes. Talk about nip and tuck!  My drive on the 12th had a good look at the out of bounds beyond the hedge before the “power fade”  kicked in and the ball landed on the green.  Team FP were unimpressed by my  3 when they were looking at me having to play 3 off the tee!   Phil kept us in it for the rest of the back 9  and we were all square up the 18th. Both FP Captain  and I had a long putt to win the match,  but neither of us was able to rise to the challenge   A half was about right.  In match 4 John Whitehead and JP came up against two players on form loosing 4 and 2 and then better news in match 5 where Dave Butcher  and Peter Bell (who used to live in Cyrus)  brought in another superb win 5 and 4. The overall match was now evenly balanced as I  waited for  the  result of the last match.  Unfortunately it was not to be as Chris Thayer and Andy Elfick came up against 2 FP players who managed 4 birdies and 10 pars on the day. Tough to beat that and our boys went down 4 and 3. The over all result was a win for FP by 3.5 to 2.5. Although there was no prize intended for two spots, after the meal I did present Gavin with a sleeve of balls. It’s not often you get a two on the 15th! Well done mate, drive and an 8 iron.  Top golf with that bit of luck we all need on the day.


     Chris Hockey

Seniors Captain

Created: 09-May-16 10:35

Long Sutton Seniors lose away to Bridport.

Thursday 5th May 2016

Game 1. Rod Tucker (9) & Graham Taylor (19), this was very much an up & down affair, with Long Sutton going 3 down early on, only to pull back to all square with a brilliant birdie from Graham on the par 5, 5th hole. We ended up 2 down with 2 holes to play. Rod then parred the 17th & 18th holes to halve the match, a fair result.

Game 2. Richard Barton(9) & Franco Calandrini (18) lost 5 & 3 to a good Bridport pair. This was a shame as they were the “Captain’s Bankers” or maybe I misspelt that phrase!!

Game 3. Mike Poole (13) & Peter Hill (18) had a very close game, just going down 2 & 1 on a Bridport course that was very difficult to hold the ball on the greens.

Game 4. Tim Forward (12) & Andrew Elflick lost 3 & 2. Thank you both for playing.

Game 5. Colin Hardaway (15) & David Kennedy (21) lost to a strong Bridport pair, 3 & 1

Game 6. Douglas Hamilton(12) & John Rooks (18) both playing at Bridport for the first time
lost 5 & 4. But now they know the course, just wait till next year, “if selected.”

Rod the Captain was hit on the head on the 3rd tee from a stray shot by a Bridport player.
The same player also hit his ball onto the 15th green and just missed Rod while he was putting.
“Did someone say this was a Friendly!! ”

Final Result Bridport 5.1/2 Long Sutton ½

Thank you all for playing

Rod Tucker

Created: 09-May-16 10:33

Seniors win at home against Isle of Wedmore

On Thursday 21st April 2016 Long Sutton Seniors, under the Captaincy of Rod Tucker,played against the Isle of Wedmore .

The 1st team out were Dave Butcher (20) and John Thomas (16) unfortunately they lost 5 & 4.
Dave played the wrong ball out of the bunker and gave himself a 2 shot penalty which lost them the hole, only to find out from Andrew, that all he needed to do was replace the ball in the bunker and replay his ball without penalty. - (information for us all). Without the penalty, he won the hole with a par.

The 2nd team Alan Webber (12) and Chris Thayer (18) won their match 2 & 1.

The 3rd team was match Captain Rod Tucker (9) and Douglas Hamilton(12) against John Russell (7) and Wedmore Captain, Mike Tanswell (18) it was a very tight affair with the Long Sutton 1 up at the turn. Rod and Douglas dovetailed very well and only dropped 1 shot over the next 8 holes. It was a very close game and until Mike Tanswell tried to hit every tree on the 16th it could have gone either way, but Rod and Douglas won by 2 holes.

The 4th team was Malcolm Dennes (18) and John Packet (18) who were comfortable winners
finishing 6 & 4. Well played to you both.

The 5th team Gavin Baker (18) and Len Collin (20) had a good match against a strong Wedmore pair but with Gavin and his new “Bionic Bits” starting to work, they came in winners with a 4 & 3 Victory.

The 6th team was Bill Cambell (16) and Peter Champress (27), who are both fairly new to matches,
lost 3 & 2. Thank you both for playing and better luck next time.

The Final score was Long Sutton 4, Isle of Wedmore 2

Thank you all for Playing.

Rod Tucker

Created: 27-Apr-16 12:04

Seniors win at home against Honiton

On Tuesday 19th April saw Honiton Seniors arriving at Long Sutton for the first fixture to be played between the clubs at Long Sutton.
As third-choice Captain for the fixture I was very encouraged by the absence of cancellations in the selected team. In particular it was good to see Tim Forward, a player new to the Seniors’ section doing his bit for us. Martin Hawkins was another welcome face, not least for his intimidating handicap. We had a range of handicaps, 7 to 26, amply demonstrating that skill is no factor in putting together a team for any one of our friendly inter-club matches.
I had asked for fine weather, and we were given just that, with light winds, and a good amount of sunshine, all in all good golfing conditions. Honiton arrived in good order, in fact Dave Scott, our former section member, was early enough to take part in Andrew’s couching session .

First out were Peter Hill and Len Collin who had a very tight game with gimmies becoming a rare thing as the match went on. The match ultimately and rightly ended as a draw.

Second out were Simon Scarborough (15) and Dave Butcher (20). They were up against Alan an 11 handicapper and Mike on 18. The visitor started off with straight drives down the first, followed by Simon's. Dave's went left into the trees, however a good 5 iron got him back into striking range of the green. Luckily, for Dave, the visitors did not fare well with their second shots. Dave's third found him to the right of the green near the bank and a good chip shot gave him a gimme for 5 (Thank goodness for Andrew's coaching session earlier). The visitors along with Simon all hit 6. One up. The second hole was Dave's as well after a fine drive followed by a fluky thinned pitch shot that end at the back of the green then a chip and a putt for par. That was the end of Dave's performance. Alan (the 11 handicapper) then parred the next three holes. Simon did manage to halve the fourth so they were back to level by the sixth tee. The next two holes were halved and Simon won the eighth to put them back to one up. Simon and Alan both landed on the ninth green and both parred to halve the hole.

Alan then won the tenth to level the match again. At this point Alan's form started to fade whilst Simon start to find excellent form and won the eleventh, halved the twelfth, won the thirteenth and then halved the fourteenth.  Mike the other visitor then won the fifteenth by beating his partner to the hole with a par and preventing him getting a birdie. Back to 1 up. The sixteenth was lost to a 6 from Mike (had a stroke) over Simon so all level as we started down the seventeenth. No one hit the green on the nearest to the pin hole, in fact, Dave's faded right never to be seen again. However, a solid chip and a putt from Simon put them one up again, where it stayed until the end of the match. According to Simon this was the best round he has had at Long Sutton since he joined from Taunton Vale; 34 points- well done.
I went out in the third group with Colin Hardaway, playing against Honiton’s Captain, Alan Pollock and his partner Tony Williams. Colin and I were really encouraged when Tony, a 13 handicapper, sent his opening drive 10 yards straight into the OB. We shared a look that said ’we’re in here!’ , however we were a little premature.

We took the first hole, but then Tony made a solid par at the second, having shown formidable length off the tee. I managed to birdie the third to go one up and the game was well under way then. We lost the fourth, won the fifth and were never down until much later in the round. Tony made a brilliant birdie at the eighth (!) and we were all square or one up from then on, despite Tony going OB twice at the twelfth. At the sixteenth we went behind for the first time. We halved the last two holes to lose by one hole. Alan played a solid supporting role, being another long hitter in comparison to either of us.

Colin has to take a major part of the blame for our loss. I think he has been reading some mind-game books, or possibly taking advice from a gypsy. For some reason he refused to clean any mud from his ball at any time during the round, which gave him a distinct disadvantage when putting. In any event the four of us enjoyed a really good game, played in the spirit we all might wish for.

The fourth team of Martin Hawkins and John Packett came home after an enjoyable round; winning 2 up.

Unfortunately, the fifth pair of Tim Forward and Andrew Elfick fought bravely but went down by one.

So it all depended on the last pairing of Gavin Baker and John Thomas and it was a relieved Match Captain to hear that they won 4 and 3.

One of the visitors, Malcolm Matthews, took the prize for nearest the pin on the seventeenth, showing appalling manners in beating the home captain to the prize. He was berated roundly at the presentation, (by the home captain!).

We all enjoyed meeting and playing with the Honiton Seniors, especially, this being the first time they have come to Long Sutton for a friendly match. We look forward to hosting them in the years to come.

Long Sutton 3½ Honiton 2½

Jon Searl
Match Captain (no one else wanted it!)

Edited by Dave Butcher

Created: 20-Apr-16 21:33

Seniors halved the match against Orchardleigh

Report on Seniors v Orchardleigh, away, 12th April 


It has been very remiss of me not to have taken advantage of the "joint membership" we currently hold with our associate golf course at Orchardleigh. Admittedly it's an hours drive to get tother side of Frome, but well worth it to enjoy golf in a parkland setting full of majestic, mature trees. I will certainly go again and I recommend that, if you haven't been already, you pay it a visit. 

It had rained heavily the night before the seniors match, so conditions underfoot were a bit mucky and I was glad that clean and place was still the rule of the day. My playing partner Simon Scarborough and I teed off in the 3rd match against O'leigh captain Peter Maunder and his partner Paul. If only Simon had been called Mary, I would have found myself in the perfect American 60s folk band! You remember, "Puff the magic dragon", " Where have all the flowers gone?", but I digress. The normal hospitality we receive at these friendly matches was slightly in doubt early on, as a large bonfire sent clouds  of smoke across the first fairway and as we gathered by the tee a tanker started to pump effluent from the septic tank close by! My faith in hospitable golfers was soon restored. Peter and Paul were great company and we halved the front nine. I noticed that some of those majestic, mature trees also had a magnetic ability to attract golf balls, especially mine! Simon played some great golf early in the back nine getting us to 2 up. We hung on to the lead and needed a putt on the 18th to win the match, which we did. The fact that I was  the only one  with a shot may of helped.

Alan Webber and Mike Bowling dovetailed nicely to win the first match 3 &2, with a sensational 50ft putt  from Alan helping their  cause. Does Mike help his cause by checking the wind direction, with pipe smoke? 

In match two Peter Hill and Chris Thayer were 2 up at the turn but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory going down 2 and 1. I am told Peter almost had a hole in one, but unfortunately he had teed off from the 12th and his drive landed close to the pin on  the 11th!

Jon Searl and Peter Champness met their match in the next contest but there  was better news from match 5.

Douglas Hamilton and  big Jim Lloyd were 2 down on the fifteenth tee, but then turned on the power to win the last 4 holes, winning by 2.

No luck in the last match where John Thomas and Len Collin lost 3&1, but skill from Len with another 2 spot. 

My faith in the hospitality we always receive on these away days was further enhanced when a pint of foaming Doombar greeted me on the sun drenched patio and an excellent carvery meal followed. Overall the match was halved, but as I have said before, when we are playing away, I see a half as a moral victory. 

Chris Hockey

Seniors Captain 

Created: 20-Apr-16 20:50
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