Seniors Section Handbook

Welcome to Long Sutton Golf Club

Senior Men’s Section

The following information is intended to help new members integrate quickly into this friendly privately owned golf club and to start enjoying all that the club has to offer both on and off the course.

The club was formed in 1991 and the course has matured and continues to evolve under the present owners Graham and Felicity Holloway. The growth in popularity of the course as a challenging and pleasurable golf experience has contributed to an increase in membership at a time when numbers are generally in decline. 

Since celebrating the clubs 25th Anniversary, in 2017 the owners appointed Paul Deeprose as General Manager.  Paul is an experienced golf administrator, PGA professional and European Tour referee and is responsible for the day to day off course management of the club.


The Senior Men’s Section 

This section is open to members aged 55 and over and annually has around 150 members making it the largest section within the club. It is managed by a Seniors’ committee under the chairmanship of the Senior’s Captain, (who steps up from Vice-Captain at the AGM in October each year and introduces his Vice-Captain).  The aim of the committee is to ensure that all members have the opportunity to play golf in a true spirit of sportsmanship and enjoy the camaraderie both on and off the course.


The Seniors Committee

The SENIORS CAPTAIN chairs the Seniors committee and represents the section where required. He organises teams for the Inter-club matches. He is responsible for organising the Xmas lunch, the Guest Day and his own Captain’s Day.

The VICE CAPTAIN shadows the Captain, with a view to succeeding him at the AGM. He is responsible for the Long Sutton Seniors Open and Seniors’ handicap adjustments, co-ordinating with the Club Handicap Secretary. The outgoing Captain selects his successor.

The SECRETARY is appointed by the Captain. He minutes the Committee meetings and maintains data for the Golfer of the Year award.

The TREASURER controls all the finances for the section. He makes regular reports to the Committee, administers the bank account and makes an annual report to the AGM and the club management.

The MEMBERS REPRESENTATIVE keeps informed of members’ issues, and ensures the Committee is informed of section members in poor health. He organises volunteers at our Open, and oversees tombolas and raffles for the section.

The FIXTURES SECRETARY agrees the Inter-club match fixtures schedule and maintains contact with the clubs we play against.

The THURSDAY COMPETITION ORGANISER administers our Thursday games schedule, and allocates and manages scorers for each game.

The KNOCKOUT COMPETITION ORGANISER controls the running of our Summer and Winter knockout competitions.

The IT and WEBSITE MEMBER maintains our data on the club web site and distributes emails to the section members as required. He also maintains the Seniors Laptop.

The IMMEDIATE PAST CAPTAIN has an ex officio place on the Committee.

The Captain has the ability to co-opt a member of the Seniors section onto the Committee for the purpose of ad hoc activities, and to provide another opinion in discussions.


Getting Started & Where To Look

An annual subscription, set at the AGM each year, paid to the Seniors Treasurer enables you to start enjoying all the benefits that the section has to offer, which are set out in the following pages.

On entering the hallway the seniors’ notice board is situated immediately on the left before the Pro shop and on it you can find:

  • Committee Members (Names and Photographs)
  • Diary of Events
  • Inter-club fixture list and sign up/entry sheets
  • Thursday competition sign up/entry sheets
  • Competition results and Handicap adjustments

The Gentlemen’s Changing Rooms are situated on your right just past the Pro shop.  Lockers can be rented for an annual fee subject to availability.


Golfing with the Seniors

Members of the Seniors’ Section are encouraged to enjoy playing and participating in a varied programme of competitive golf throughout the calendar year.  However, if you prefer playing casual golf, you will still be provided with a welcoming environment and an enjoyable experience.  Whatever standard of golf you play there is a choice of competition to suit your preference and aspiration.

Before going out  on the course to play, all members are required, for safety reasons, to sign their names in the book in the Pro Shop.


Handicaps- Active/Inactive

In order to compete and win a prize in a competition, you must have an active handicap. The first qualifying competition usually takes place at the end of March or beginning of April and overall there are many qualifying competitions in the seniors calendar. Some examples of the variety of formats are included below and a full diary of competitions including qualifiers is published on the website and on the notice board.

New members or seniors who have restarted after a break can submit three cards in general play in order to achieve an active handicap.  Make sure the card is correctly signed and marked ‘for handicap purposes’ and then submit it.  The three cards will be scrutinised by the Club handicap secretary and an active handicap will be awarded.  Members who join from another club and who already have an active handicap do not need to do this.

A member without an active handicap cannot play for any trophy or in any other competition as a single player or part of a team. However, he can play, with the competition, as part of the qualifying (3 card) process, but will not be eligible to win or collect a prize.


Competition Golf

Throughout the year more than forty senior competitions are played on a Thursday. The first 2 hours of tee allocations in the morning are set aside for these competitions. Various organised events such as Opens, Charity Matches, Invitations and matches against the Ladies take up the remaining Thursdays.

An entry sheet will be placed on the board and members should sign their names in an appropriate time slot of their choosing if they wish to enter.  Signing your name with other players does not necessarily mean that you will play with them.

All senior’s competitions are played off the yellow tees unless otherwise stated.

The entry fees for Thursday competitions are collected at the Pro shop counter when players sign in. The order in which they enter establishes the order in which they tee off. This should ensure that members of the section get to play with many other members, and not just their regular friends.

When other fees, for example the fees for the Knock-out Competition, are to be paid over, the Treasurer requires them to be paid to him in brown envelopes (available in the Pro shop). The envelopes should contain the fee, and the details of the reason for paying and the players name should be written on the outside of the envelope. These are then handed to the Pro shop staff to be placed in the Treasurer’s money box.


Qualifying Competitions

 For qualifying competitions (Medal/Stableford), scores have to be entered on the computer screen in the corridor on the left past the pro shop entrance.  Score cards should be signed and handed to the scorers in the bar area.  Once the computer entries are complete, results of the competition will be displayed on the notice board. Handicap increases or reductions will be recorded on the results sheet and notified by email via the HowDidiDo website. 


Trophy Competitions

These are played in a variety of formats, both team and individual throughout the calendar year, the following list provides plenty of scope for the senior golfer to win a Trophy.

The Seniors Championships - This medal (stroke play) competition, currently played over two rounds on the Tuesday and Thursday of the same week, is highly prestigious and includes two prize categories each for those under 70 and those over 70, unless they choose to play with the youngsters.

  • The golfer with the lowest combined net score over 2 rounds after handicap is deducted
  • The golfer with the lowest combined gross score after 2 rounds

The Trevor Brown Trophy - Texas Scramble with selected teams of 4.

Stableford Trophies:

      • The Alex Kersey-Brown Trophy* - Stableford competition for Divison 1 players (those with a handicap up to 16)
      • TBA Trophy* - Stableford competition for Division 2 players (those with a handicap between 17 and 23)
      • The High Handicap Trophy* – Stableford competition for Division 3 players (those with handicaps above 24).

The JS Taylor Trophy* – A Greensomes competition

The Cook Trophy – a straightforward Stableford competition

Three Clubs and a Putter* - Stableford competition using just 3 clubs of choice and a putter

Whisky Trot* – Stableford with the winners each receiving a bottle of whiskey

The Walker Trophy – 4BBB set of matches between seniors and veterans

*Trophy competitions marked thus require a minimum of 30 entrants.


Summer and Winter Knockout Competitions

In total there are five scheduled competitions – Winter Singles and Pairs, The Parsons Trophy (summer singles), Summer Pairs and The Radwell Trophy.

How to enter

Lists will be posted on the notice board and members wishing to take part in the knock-out competitions print their name on the list and then pay the appropriate entry fee for the competitions.


Tuesday Rollups

All seniors are welcome to participate in an informal roll up on Tuesday mornings. This is an individual stableford competition with prizes allocated to the player with the highest points score on the front nine, back nine and full round score.  Whilst not being part of the official seniors’ calendar it is very popular with members.  An advance block booking from the first available morning tee time virtually guarantees that all who turn up will play.  There is an entry fee, which is payable to whoever is running the competition, in the lounge bar area at the end of the game; this is then returned as prizes.


Inter-club Matches – Playing for the Club

Throughout the golfing season the seniors play friendly match play fixtures home and away against Senior Teams representing clubs in the region. Details of each fixture can be found on the Seniors notice board.  An entry list will be put up on the notice board some time before the match and members are invited to put themselves forward for selection.

The Seniors Captain will select the team which will be displayed on the notice board. If selected, players must confirm their availability or, if unavailable, contact the first reserve on the list and inform the match captain.  Selected players are encouraged to turn up at least half an hour before the first tee time.

Although not a strict dress code for the match, players are encouraged to wear a white polo shirt, preferably with the club logo on it.

Once all the games have concluded the teams congregate in the bar before the post-match meal. Home players buy the drinks and all players from both teams share the cost of the meal.

The dress code for the post-match celebration is collar and tie and jacket/blazer.  A club tie is preferred.


The Captain’s Charity

Every year the Captain chooses a charity for the section to support in his year. Donations are accrued by way of various means. One current method is the Blobby Pot. Players are encouraged to pay a voluntary fine if they incur a ‘blob’ in a Stableford competition. i.e. fail to score a point at any hole. Various raffles and tombolas are held during the year to benefit the charity. There is also a Joint Charity Day with the Ladies section. The collected funds are presented to the charity at the end of the Captain’s year.


Winter Golf

At some point in the autumn the club decides to relax the rules in order to protect the course from unnecessary damage during adverse weather conditions. (See Winter Rules)

The section does not play qualifiers under these conditions.


Away Days

Both the Vice-Captain and the Immediate Past Captain organise an Away Day during the year. These tend to be at clubs where we do not already have a friendly fixture. All section members are welcome to attend. These days are very light hearted and well supported.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held in October each year. The Treasurer presents the accounts, and all the other committee members give reports of their activities during the year. Elections are held for other members of the Seniors committee, with the exception of the Secretary, who is appointed by the incoming Captain, and the Immediate Past Captain, who has an ex officio position. The new Captain is inducted, and he in turn introduces his new Vice-Captain. Traditionally the incoming Captain invites the attendees to toast his captaincy at the end of the meeting.


Competitions Formats

Medal – The gross score on each hole is recorded. The total gross score minus handicap gives the net score

Stableford – scoring on a points system per hole, after handicap allowance, as follows:

1 over par = 1 point, Par =2 points, 1 under par = 3 points and 2 under par = 4 points

Foursomes – played between two teams of two players each team playing only one ball. Partners drive off alternate tees and thereafter play alternate shots to the hole.

Better Ball – Played in pairs, each playing their own ball throughout the round. The better score from the pair is taken on each hole

Four Ball Better Ball (4BBB) – Played as stroke play in pairs.  The player with the lowest handicap receives no shots, then each other player’s allowance is worked out as 90% difference between his own handicap and the lowest handicap.

Match Play – After handicap adjustments, each hole is played individually as stroke play and is won, lost or halved.

Greensomes – Both partners drive off, then the better shot is selected and alternate shots are taken.

Canadian Greensomes – Both partners drive off and play their second shot, then the better of the 2 shots is selected and alternate shots are taken.

Texas Scramble – Usually played in a team of four as a medal competition with the handicap for the team being exactly one tenth of the combined.  All players tee off and the best drive is selected and the spot marked.  All players play their second shot from that spot and so on until the ball is in the hole.

Florida Scramble – Similar to the Texas Scramble except that the player who played the selected ball, marks the spot and the other three players play from that spot and so on until the ball is in the hole.

Yellow Ball – Played as a Stableford competition in teams of four, but the team has one yellow ball, which the players take turns to play for each hole.  The score for the yellow ball is doubled, but if lost can no longer be used.


Local Rules

Out of Bounds

Beyond any boundary fence or hedge

Hole 1             Beyond the white markers between the 1st and 15th fairways,

Hole 4             Beyond the white markers to the right of the fairway.

Hole 6.             On or beyond the 8th fairway.

Hole 11.           On or beyond the 4th fairway.


Immovable Obstructions

All artificially surfaced paths, fixed sprinkler heads and the OOB posts between the 1st and 15th fairways when playing hole 15.  Relief from interference by them may be obtained under rule 24.2



Relief of one club-length from the nearest point of relief can be taken without penalty, not nearer the hole.  Relief MUST be taken from any area marked Compulsory G.U.R.

If a ball lies in a crack, other than in a hazard, relief may be taken by dropping the ball at the nearest point of relief from the crack, no nearer the hole.

No relief from staked trees

Relief may be taken from drainage works, bunker drainage plugs (free drop inside bunker) and other Greenkeepers’ workings.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rules

Match Play – Loss of Hole

Stroke Play – Two Strokes


Players are earnestly requested to observe the etiquette of the game: replace divots, rake bunkers and repair pitch marks on the greens.

Hedgehog wheels are not allowed on the course. 

Soft Spikes only are allowed on the course


Winter Rules


  •   Balls coming to rest on the fairway, may be picked up, cleaned and placed within one club-length, no nearer the hole.
  • * Balls coming to rest on other parts of the course other than in a hazard, may be picked up, cleaned and replaced in the same spot. 
  • * The flag pin in the hole on the green, may not be attended.  Players are allowed to putt with the pin in the hole.

Rules marked * are not always in force.  For full winter rules see the notice board.


Slow Play


Many players complain about slow play, so please be aware that you are not a cause of slow play.

Be prepared to allow a group of players behind you to play through if you are holding them up.

Play ready golf, subject to the rules and etiquette of the game

  • This means being ready to play, not just playing when you are ready.  At the tee, the player with the honour should be ready to hit first, if not they should invite their partner or the opposition to play.
  • Hit a provisional ball if your ball appears to be in trouble.
  • Walk to your own ball as soon as possible so you can make your shot selection in advance – not when it is your turn.
  • Walk down the sides of the fairway to reach your ball and when clear move to it  to take your shot.  Do not move in a group from ball to ball.
  • When a ball is lost, hit your ball first and then help to locate the lost ball.
  • When on the green study your putt before it is your turn and continue putting until holed out, unless this will interfere with another players line or it’s a really tricky putt.
  • On the green, the nearest person to the hole removes the flag and the first person to hole out replaces it.
  • Keep up with the game in front rather than ahead of the game behind.



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