The fun of Nightgolf!

Club News : The fun of Nightgolf!


18th March, 2015

On the night, 20 people gathered in the warmth of the clubhouse to wait for darkness to descend. Sunset was at 6.30 but we had clear skies, which meant we all teed off at 7.00 in half light. The temperature dropped the darker it grew. There was no moon so the stars were amazing. Graham Brimble said how disorientating it was trying to strike the ball cleanly when you cannot see the grass around it. Welcome to my daytime varifocals!! Darkness did not seem to bother Judith when it came to long putts from off the green – just aim at the hole - but we certainly needed our torches this time, with no moon at all, to make our way round. It is so easy to forget the course layout and John Pearson nearly came a cropper when he found himself in the middle of a bunker. Thank goodness he chose one with smooth sides, so although he had the shock of his life and let loose a volley of …rich invective?...he was not hurt. Andrew had to drive out to bring Graham’s team more balls…Mike’s lessons with Andrew must have paid off. He was hitting the ball so hard, he smashed two.

Graham Load was given the task of sorting out the prizes. He managed to spread the winnings over 4 of the 5 teams but could not quite stretch it to his own. In 4th place was my team…we had the same score as 3rd place but were penalised for handing the card in late. Apologies team. I dropped our card right at the start and had to re-write it. Worse, I assumed (wrongly!!) that we would round 6.5 deduction up to 7 and so was accused of trying to doctor our result. All good fun.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the experience and hopefully will sign up for another in the Autumn. Thank you to Graham and Felicity for allowing us to tramp round in the dark, to Andrew for his help in organising it, to Felicity, Andrew and Sandra for helping set out the lights and to Roger for the hot food.

1st  Martin Wicks, Jim Recardo, Judith Fox, Chris Slocombe   29.8

2nd Martyn Hawkins, Ray Edwards, Sandra Ford, Jeff Davis  32.5

3rd  Roy Parmiter, Lesley Hawkins, Rob Ford, Adi Morris  35.5

4th Gill Edwards, Graham Brimble, John Pearson, Neil Hewitson 35.5

5th Graham Load, Mike Veale, Malcolm Head, Sarah Uzzell  36.3



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