The Seniors Vice Captain's Away Day proves an outstanding success.

Seniors Reports and News : The Seniors Vice Captain's Away Day proves an outstanding success.

Fifty-two members enjoyed a great day of golf at Orchardleigh on an excellent day for golf. Playing a Four Ball Bowmaker 13 teams of 4 competed against one another, with the Vice Captain determined not to feature on the prize list. That went well didn't it Bill !

Here are the results:

Seniors Vice Captain
Away Day
Monday 8 October 
1st M.Bowling / B.Bond / R.Tucker / R.Ewbank 91 Pts  
2nd A.Lyon / B.Fill / D.Manning / C.Hockey 90 Pts  
3rd M.Poole / M.Richards / B.Campbell / D.Bishop 88 Pts  
4th R.Bartin / R.Boulton / S.Uzzell / B.Smith 86 Pts  
5th T.Forward / P.Champness / P.Benn / P.Smart 85 Pts Bk9
6th M.Hawkins / P.Harris / P.Bowditch / I.Jackaman 85 Pts Bk9
7th M.Abbott / C.Sutton / B.Cullymore / D.Butcher 85 Pts  
8th N.Griffiths / L.Collin / R.Overson / G.Baker 79 Pts  
9th G.Brimble / D.Barwell / J.Jowett / R.Axe 77 Pts  
10th N.Banfield / K.Jacobs / C.Thayer / J.Blackwell 76 Pts  
11th R.Dore / G.Clamp / J.Thomas / C.Warren 72 Pts  
12th A.Webber / J.Nicholson / K.Lancey / A.Blond 71 Pts  
13th D.Hamilton / S.Hollaway / P.Hill / J.McGuiness 70 Pts  
  Best Individual Score      
  R.Overson 41 Pts  
    N/Pin in Two 4th Hole  
  N/Pin 7th Hole      
  G.Brimble 7th    
  T.Forward 7th    
  P.Bowditch 7th    
  B.Fill 17th    
  B.Bond 17th    
  R.Overson 17th    


Congratulations to Richard Overson for his superb Individual Score - he actually wants to be cut so that he is no longer the highest handicap golfer in his household!

Well done Mike Bowling's Team for just shading it ahead of Alec Lyon's Team, and many thanks to Dougas Hamilton and his team for sparing everybody else's blushes.

Finally, I am sure Bill would want to thank everybody for supporting his day out and esepcially those individuals who assisted him with the organisation and running of the day. So special thanks go to Rod Tucker, Chris Hockey, Dave Butcher and Norm Banfield for their invaluable contribution. Not forgetting Team Bowling (Mike, Rod, Robin and Bill) who manged to win in spite of Bill's best efforts not to!  A great team effort all-round. 

One last thing!

Bill would like to thank everybody for their amazing generosity in donating £270 to his Captain's Charity for the coming year, Taunton and West Somerset Mind. For some reason every player "volunteered" to donate £5 out of their own pockets to get the ball rolling. I wouldn't say strong arm tactics were employed but certainly Rod and Mike went about the job of collecting it with a great deal of gusto as well as their customary efficiency; not a stone was left unturned nor a pocket left unemptied!!


Len Collin

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