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Terms and Conditions


Memberships are offered on the basis of a 12 month fixed price term.

The membership is non refundable and non transferable and applies whether payment is made as a lump sum or by a relevant credit scheme. Any unauthorised default from a credit scheme could result in legal action, additional costs, and may affect your credit rating. Members have a contract with LSG&CC as well as any credit scheme.

Members of the Armed Forces can request suspension of their memberships when they are posted away from their base, minimum period 3 months.

A number of suspensions for illness and injury are available; these are for a minimum period of three months and are subject to availability. To enquire the availability and the requirements of suspension please write or email the Office together with the necessary medical letter. The maximum period a membership can be suspended is to the end of the following membership year. Union fees can not be suspended.

Memberships are due for renewal by the last day of your membership year, there is no grace period and access to the course will be refused for non payment from that date. In addition a £1 charge per day will be levied on the membership fee.

If a member is expelled or suspended by LSG&CC or the Club no refunds will be made.

Please note: – LSG&CC may charge a rejoining fee.

Dress Code and Soft Spikes must be adhered to at all times


If any member uses public media to make derogatory comments about LSG&CC, their own club or other clubs, the staff or their fellow members, their membership will be terminated immediately without refund.

Any member committing a breach of misconduct of LSG&CC & the Club rules or behaving in a manner to the detriment of the Club, its members, the proprietors, company staff, and the rules of golf, may be required to attend a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Course

Every effort is made to keep the course fully open but from time to time the course may be closed or partly closed because of the prevailing weather conditions. The use of buggies, power/push trolleys may be restricted or suspended to protect the course. Hedgehog wheels are not allowed on the course. No refunds will be given for closures and restrictions caused by factors outside of our control.

LSG&CC cannot accept any liability for accident, injury or misadventure. Members are strongly advised to take out their own third party insurance.

LSG&CC cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to property belonging to any member or guests either on the course, in the clubhouse or car park.

Revised November 2019